desperate housewives abc paul young shot 'Desperate Housewives': Three less suspects, so who shot Paul Young?

In last episode’s crazy riot, a few of our main characters were hurt pretty badly. But, it seems the “Desperate Housewives” producers have moved on from the incident to the last big event before the winter hiatus: Paul Young’s (Mark Moses) shooting.
Otherwise, the producers have finally given Susan (Teri Hatcher) a storyline other than “Oops, did I do that?” After being trampled in the riot, she lost her one good kidney. The other one isn’t working too well and until she can get a transplant, she’ll be on dialysis. 
Even more interesting is Gaby’s (Eva Longoria) descent into crazy as Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) forces her to let go of all things “Grace,” so that Juanita (Madison De La Garza) gets over her displacement issues. We cannot wait to see how far off the deep end Gaby goes. The “Grace” doll has to be the start of something craptastic. 
Rene (Vanessa Williams) also told Lynette (Felicity Huffman) that she slept with Tom (Doug Savant) back in the day. Rather than letting him know she knows, it looks like Lynette has some payback in store. 

desperate housewives abc orson keith bree 'Desperate Housewives': Three less suspects, so who shot Paul Young?

Orson (Kyle MacLachlan) showed up on Bree’s (Marcia Cross) doorstep and lied about being kicked out by his new woman. The truth is he’s still in love with her and wanted her back. After he tried several times to show how uncultured Keith is (Brian Austin Green), Bree decided she has changed from the woman who Orson loves and picked Keith in the end.
So, back to Paul’s shooter. After watching the episode, we have no real leads. His wife, Beth (Emily Bergl) didn’t do it, because she returned to see her mother, Felicia (Harriet Sansom Harris), to find out if she did it. She didn’t, but she thought she knew who did: Susan’s husband, Mike (James Denton). Turns out she approached him to kill Paul previously and he turned her down. He later told Felicia that he never went through with it, which shortens the list of suspects a third time.

Executive producer, Bob Daily, told that the killer “is someone who has been a regular character on the show.” Of course, it wouldn’t be any of the actual “housewives.” So, who could be it be? Mike, Beth and Felicia are apparently out of contention. That leaves Lee (Kevin Rahm), who may have shot Paul for tricking him into helping him acquire homes on Wisteria, as well as selling his own and making him the neighborhood outcast. And guessed Paul’s son, Zach (Cody Kasch), who would kill his dad out of sheer hatred for him.
Here’s our guess: Bree’s son, Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom). We know he has anger issues and he can and has become violent. And after being pretty MIA this season, he made a quick appearance in front of his house in the riot/shooting episode. After all, he remembers Paul from before, didn’t like what he was pulling with the neighborhood now, plus his mother and her boyfriend were assaulted in the riot. Could he had thought it was time to get rid of the menace to Wisteria?
That’s our best guess. Who do you think Paul’s shooter is?
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