despicable me dvd special feature jason segel 'Despicable Me' behind the scenes: Directed from Paris with Skype

The hit animated movie, “Despicable Me,” about the villainous Gru and his minions who are after total world domination couldn’t keep the director and the actors in the same room. That’s not juicy gossip – they got along fine. What most people don’t know is that the movie’s voice actors were in L.A. and the director was almost 6,000 miles away. 
“I’ve worked with directors who were that far away emotionally,” says “Knocked Up’s” Jason Segel who voices Vector. “But never actually physically that far away.”
And Zap2it has an exclusive clip from the film’s DVD special features, which explains just how that all went down.
“We’re making the film in Paris, France,” says director Chris Renaud. “And using an ISDN hookup, we’re able to work with the actors and get their lines anywhere in the world.”
The film took about two years to produce and involved about 120 million online files shepherded across the Atlantic from the digital production studio in Paris to L.A. Meanwhile, the directors communicated with the actors during their studio sessions via Skype. It’s a pretty unconventional way of making a film, but the actors didn’t seem to mind.
“I like the Skype director. It’s great,” says “Running Wilde’s” Will Arnett who played the voice of Mr. Perkins. “I don’t ever want to meet them in person. I don’t ever want to talk to anybody.”
Watch the DVD featurette below:

“Despicable Me” is currently available on DVD in stores and on Movies On Demand via your cable provider.
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