Beverly Hills maids, as would be expected, are more fashionable than housekeepers elsewhere.
The help and their employers in Lifetime’s fun prime-time soap “Devious Maids,” are, for the most part, well dressed and sexy.
“They are the best-dressed maids,” costume designer Roemehl Hawkins tells Zap2it. “It is crazy. But it is fun because it is Beverly Hills, and it is a heightened reality. I have done some styling and have showed up at actresses’ houses, and a lot of times the actresses will give them some of their swag, and maids are rocking the designer jeans, and they are better dressed than I am. I am sure it is a little different in other cities.”
The only questionable choices in the first couple of episodes are seriously impractical shoes. In one scene, Marisol (Ana Ortiz) scrubs a blood-splattered room wearing red high-heeled wedges.
 “I took down the shoes a little bit,” Hawkins says, referring to upcoming episodes. “The viewer is going to be like, ‘Really?’ “
The maids wear a lot of tight jeans, colorful tops and flashy earrings. The women the maids work for, however, fulfill expectations when it comes to their wardrobes.
tvfash630 'Devious Maids': Being sexy and well dressed comes with the territory
Evelyn Powell (Rebecca Wisocky) is an imperious, pampered queen bee, as perfectly illustrated in this Giorgio Armani seafoam gown. “I took an approach with her of a lot of sheen, a lot of silk-based luxe, very expensive and uber-rich,” Hawkins says. “You can tell by her home, she has a hardened personality, a little brittle. You will never catch her in a floral print.” Her outfits are usually based in black, and she wears St. John and Escada.
tvfash2630 'Devious Maids': Being sexy and well dressed comes with the territory
Carmen’s (Roselyn Sanchez) uniform, black pants and top, is to work as a maid in a pop star’s home. She’s angling to parlay that connection into a singing career, so “she would always be ready for any record executive or producer who came to the door,” Hawkins says. “She always will have fun earrings and fun jewelry.” Whenever there’s a chance, the show puts Carmen in a terrific dance dress so she can show off her salsa moves and her figure.
tvfash3630 'Devious Maids': Being sexy and well dressed comes with the territory
Rosie (Dania Ramirez) “definitely is the one struggling the most, and everything on her is cotton-based, and everything has a slouch to it,” Hawkins says. “She has an innocent sex appeal. If she is wearing the top, it is either going to fall off the shoulder slightly or expose a tiny bit of cleavage. She exudes sex appeal but is so innocent and sweet.” She wears J Brand jeans, Express tops and colorful belts.
tvfash4630 'Devious Maids': Being sexy and well dressed comes with the territoryPeri (Mariana Klaveno) wears an Alexander McQueen gown to a film premiere. The black gown is embroidered with a tiger’s face in gold thread. “She is always paparazzi-ready,” Hawkins says. “She feels she should be photographed as much as Angelina Jolie.
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