susan lucci devious maids gallery 325 'Devious Maids' creator Marc Cherry: 'Who wants to see Susan Lucci play a waitress?'TV writers don’t usually play favorites with their characters, but “Devious Maids” creator Marc Cherry can’t help himself when it comes to Susan Lucci‘s sweetly vulnerable Genevieve Delatour.

“She is the character I love writing the most,” Cherry tells Zap2it. “She is rich. She is spoiled and she is child-like, but she means so well. And I feel so lucky to have Susan on the show.”
Genevieve has been married six times, is a bit helpless and floats around in a series of exquisite outfits, usually while arranging flowers. She’s vain, and prone to shaivng decades off her actual age, and has an optimistic light about her in a patented clueless way.
“I understand that character on a really profound level because of some of the people I know,” Cherry says.

Lucci surprised Cherry by flying out to audition for him.
“You’re always worried about the people you are big fans of. Oh my God, I am so relieved that she is as nice as I had heard,” Cherry says. “Consequently when I sit down to write Genevieve, I put on my Sunday best thinking, and God love her she has taken the character and run with it.”

Genevieve, whose son, Remi (Drew Van Acker), just finished another bout in rehab, and whose business manager ran off with all of her money, began the season of the over-the-top Lifetime drama under the bed. She was hiding after swallowing handfuls of pills, hysterical about a man.
“Her achievement here she has come with a very different character than Erica Kane,” Cherry says of the character Lucci played on “All My Children.”
Lucci finally won a Daytime Emmy for that role after 19 nominations in 1999. That Lucci was able to bring such nuance to Genevieve is, “a minor miracle, quite frankly,” Cherry says. 
“The stuff that we love about Susan is the glamour, the sexiness, the allure,” he says. “All of those colors are still there. Who wants to see Susan Lucci play a greasy waitress in a hash joint? You want her doing something frivolous and surrounded by wealth and pretty dresses.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler