richard burgi susan lucci devious maids lifetime 'Devious Maids' episode 4 recap: 'Making Your Bed'   now who will lie in it?
It’s not that the maids on “Devious Maids” are flawless, but most of the people around them, with one exception, are so much worse.
Genevieve (Susan Lucci, who gets a little more luminous each episode) is the lone exception. Sure, she’s vain, ditzy, helpless and shallow, but she’s incredibly sweet and all she wants is for everyone to be in love.
Her long-lost brother, Henri, (Richard Burgi) returns home after a long absence — three husbands ago for Genevieve — and tells her, lovingly, that she looks emaciated.
“You always say the sweetest things,” she coos.
Henri is the rich man who broke Zoila’s (Judy Reyes) heart. If Valentina (Edy Ganem) is their child, it wasn’t confirmed. Some of this episode’s best scenes show the dynamic between Genevieve and Valentina and how they have been part of each other’s lives for decades.
While that’s all sweetness and light, there’s enough devious behavior to go around. And with that in mind, the week’s Top 5 most devious people are:
1) Odessa (Melinda Page Hamilton) shows a more human side this episode — problem is, it’s devious. She runs the household for pop star Alejandro (Matt Cedeno) and has never been exactly welcoming to maid Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez). 
Alejandro’s throwing a party and guests include the record company exec, who just signed Carmen. Carmen finagled an invite. When Odessa asked Carmen to skip the party, Odessa lets down her guard. It’s clear she’s in love with Alejandro. 
Carmen feels her pain, but of course cares more about herself: She’s turning 37, old for the music business, and shows up anyway. Odessa is so ticked that she tells the record company exec just how old Carmen is. The record company drops Carmen.
2) Peri (Mariana Klaveno), who invites her lover over for game night. That alone is a devious move. And when those games begin, Peri is seriously mean to her husband, Spence (Grant Show). It’s one thing to be a harridan, but she delves into truly devious behavior when Peri berates Spence to a friend, saying that he’s a lousy actor, and he overhears her.
In a two-actor couple, that’s as low as you can go.
Every time Spence gazes adoringly at Rosie (Dania Ramirez), she is backlit and all but grows a halo and wings. They eventually stop fighting their attraction and kiss, but had it not been for Peri’s devious behavior they would not have gone there.
grant show dania ramirez devious maids lifetime 'Devious Maids' episode 4 recap: 'Making Your Bed'   now who will lie in it?
3) Dante (Michael Rose). He brings this week’s creep factor and, naturally, is friends with Adrian (Tom Irwin). Hard to say which is more unlikely: the Powells’ maid, Marisol (Ana Ortiz), wearing a beautiful designer dress to work. Or having the creepy Dante grab her behind while she’s serving the drinks and she doesn’t deck him.
Dante is another of these unctuous middle-aged rich men who’s pretty smug about running the world. Why he would be working as the medical examiner, if he’s as rich as he brags, does raise questions. He uses his position to revise the autopsy report. Originally, it had said that Flora, whose murder launched the series, was pregnant. Now it says she’s not.
So he’s not merely a corrupt public official, he’s a devious one because he did this to either help Adrian or one in his circle.
4) Marisol. Her pretense as a maid is devious, though she’s doing it to help her son, accused of murdering Flora. While snooping in Flora’s old room, ostensibly to clean, Marisol finds a pregnancy test. 
Later, Marisol uses her wiles to get Dante’s pants off him, though there are greater challenges in life. Marisol rifles through Dante’s wallet, swipes his work ID and uses it to break into his office to steal the file on Flora. Dante is a pretty inept corrupt official because he kept both copies of the autopsy report, one stating she was pregnant and one not. So she tricks him to get his pants, steals from his wallet, breaks and enters into his office and purloins the file.
5) Flora (Paula Garces). Just because she’s dead doesn’t mean she was good. Flora had told the other maids that she was going to get pregnant by a millionaire then her plan was to bleed him for money, so she was the original devious maid.
But we’re still not positive as to whose bed she made.
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