brett cullen susan lucci devious maids lifetime 'Devious Maids' Episode 6 recap: 'Walking the Dog' unleashes new couples
Now halfway through the season, “Devious Maids” brings a few plot points to a boil this episode.
Flirtations building since the beginning are consummated. Two women saw their fortunes change abruptly and finally, someone got the punch in the face he had been begging for.
Not that we’re condoning violence, but to watch Adrian Howell (Tom Irwin) is to want to slap him. Hard. 
With that in mind, here are the five moments we were waiting for that erupted this episode:

1) Genevieve (Susan Lucci) is broke. She had no visible means of support, only six ex-husbands. Genevieve does rich so well, she really is nobility in search of a country.
She floats over her realm, her mansion, with its gardeners, maids and the various people who pamper her. When her business manager takes a powder, with all of her money, Michael (Brett Cullen) tries explaining to her that she will need to move, perhaps — horrors — to a condo.

“This is America,” Genevieve says. “We have safety nets. Surely there must be some entitlement program that will help me pay for my mansion.”
Michael tries explaining that government programs are intended to help the poor. “That’s not fair,” she responds. “They don’t have the same expenses rich people do. That’s why people choose to be poor in the first place.”
Genevieve, always a vision in cream satin, hatches a plan to do what she always has: snare another rich husband.
2) Rosie and Spence (Dania Ramirez, Grant Show) become lovers. Let’s just say that it is often much sexier to see the door close (as we do with the next couple) than as much as we see with these two. This has all the heat of bored porn actors. And when the action turns slo-mo – to drag out that Spence has a heart attack in flagrante – it is painful. 
Though not as painful as winding up in the ICU after sex. Spence lands there with his heart attack. Peri (Mariana Klaveno), his incredibly self-absorbed and nasty wife, has a come-to- God moment and vows to become a good wife. 
Will she drop her lover? Grow compassionate? That remains to be seen.
3) Carmen and Sam (Roselyn Sanchez, Wole Parks) get together but not before Sam beds the chef down the block, Julie (Jolie Jenkins), who is obnoxious and not too bright. But Julie hooking up with Sam makes Carmen realize that she wants Sam.
Of course this being a telenovela, Carmen can’t just tell Sam she cares about him. No, she needs to first try to get him in trouble with their boss, then offer to walk another neighbor’s dog so she can bring the dog into Sam’s bed. 
Sounds kinkier than it was. It was just devious. By having the dog leave his dander and fur, Julie had a full-blown allergic reaction, and was carried away on a stretcher. 
rebecca wisocky ana ortiz devious maids lifetime 'Devious Maids' Episode 6 recap: 'Walking the Dog' unleashes new couples
4) Michael beats up Adrian, and it’s the sort of beating that would normally land Michael in prison and Adrian in the hospital.
Marisol discovers one of Adrian’s homemade sex DVDs, featuring Michael’s wife, Taylor (Brianna Brown), having sex with Adrian’s friends. Taylor was a prostitute before she and Michael married. 
Adrian’s secret room, outfitted with one-way glass, allowing him to watch his friends and prostitutes in the adjacent bedroom, is revealed.  
Just seeing this room puts the creep-o-meter on a new scale.
Evelyn (Rebecca Wisocky) comes to her husband’s aid, brandishing a baseball bat. She stops the beating, hands over the sex DVDs and kicks out everyone.
5) Evelyn fires Marisol (Ana Ortiz). 
Earlier in the episode, Adrian suggested firing Marisol. Evelyn was having one of it. 
“I finally have a maid who can cook and conjugate English verbs,” Evelyn tells her husband. “If you think I am letting her go, you are crazy.”
The Powells knew that Marisol had ulterior motives, though they never figured out she was in their house to glean any information that could lead to the exoneration of her son, being held for the murder of the Powell’s maid, Flora.
One of the mysteries we’re yet privy to is why Evelyn is willing to put up with Adrian. But she continues to stand by her man, warped though he is. And she has now distanced herself from more of their clique.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler