judy-reyes-devious-maids.jpgIn the first episode since the Lifetime telenovela was renewed, “Devious Maids” creator Marc Cherry reveals more secrets about the murdered maid who launched the story.

It isn’t yet obvious who killed Flora (Paula Garces), though a few minutes with her and one understands why she evokes homicidal thoughts. A flashback shows Michael (Brett Cullen) offering her hush money for sex she had with his client. Flora sneers at the amount.
She demands more, telling Michael that she was raped. Michael’s initially incredulous because she had been a prostitute.
Flora explains that of course prostitutes can be raped, and adds that she is pregnant. She doesn’t name the rapist or the father, but they were different men. 
This episode is all about getting priorities straight, as these four plot points prove.  
1) The always-dependable Judy Reyes as Zoila, maid and consigliere to Susan Lucci‘s Genevieve, remains the voice of reason. She will tell you the truth, regardless of whether you want to hear it.
Genevieve’s latest man, Alfred, wanted to marry her only if Genevieve could produce an heir, an unlikely scenario since she went through menopause decades ago. He hit upon the idea of having Zoila’s daughter, Valentina (Edy Ganem), donate an egg and having a surrogate carry the child.
Valentina’s working as a maid because she can’t afford college. She’s fine with letting Alfred pay her tuition, if all she has to give up are some eggs. But Zoila isn’t. Zoila fights her daughter, then takes it up with Genevieve. 
Really, who in their right mind crosses Judy Reyes? 
Ultimately, Zoila gives her daughter a valuable ring, which Genevieve had given her years ago. That should help with the tuition, and Zoila’s moral compass keeps her priorities straight.
2) While educating Genevieve on what a good mom does, Zoila lets yet another secret out — she tells Genevieve that her son, Remi (Drew Van Acker) is in rehab. Zoila also points out that though sweet, Genevieve has been a lousy mother because she is so self-absorbed.
Genevieve takes Zoila’s words to heart. She tells Alfred that Valentina’s DNA will not be creating a child for them, and she is off to visit the son she already has, for once showing a realignment in her priorities.
3) Alejandro (Matt Cedeno), the pop star for whom Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) and Odessa (Melinda Page Hamilton) work as the maid and housekeeper, had a lot of evolving he needed to do.
Odessa has cancer and is undergoing chemo. Carmen urges Odessa to tell Alejandro, who can barely be bothered to look up from writing. Odessa has worked for Alejandro for a decade and adores him. Carmen has no problem taking on Odessa’s duties, but she has a problem with Alejandro’s attitude.
While he’s eating, she takes his bowl and hurls it at the wall. When he tries to get her to calm down, Carmen lashes out: “Don’t ever tell a Puerto Rican woman to calm down. It’s a waste of time.”
While Carmen keeps Odessa company during the chemo drip, Alejandro walks in, abashed, and serenades Odessa. 
“The worst part of being a star is people stop kicking you’re a** and start kissing it,” he tells Carmen. She assures him he will keep him grounded, and now Alejandro has his priorities straight.
4) Evelyn and Adrian Powell (Evelyn Wisocky and Tom Irwin) share a tender moment in their toxic marriage, and she steals the episode. 
Evelyn has never recovered from the death of their toddler son. She was watching him when a car hit him.
Evelyn recently spent time with Tucker, the baby of Spence and Peri (Grant Show and Mariana Klaveno) because Rosie (Dania Ramirez) is working for both families, and takes the baby with her to the Powells. Evelyn loves being around Tucker.
When Evelyn inadvertently happens upon Spence and Rosie frantically undressing — and there’s no way anyone could say, “This isn’t what it looks like,” because it was precisely what it looked like — Evelyn wants to blackmail Rosie, capitalizing on her shame.
But Adrian puts a stop to it. Adrian and Evelyn have a moment as he explains she cannot try to substitute another woman’s baby for hers, long buried. 
“I miss seeing love in someone’s eyes,” she says, crying. “Isn’t it time to forgive me?”
Adrian looks at his wife — really looks at he as if he hasn’t seen this beautiful redhead in years — and approaches her. He awkwardly takes her in his arms, and she melts into him, sobbing. 
Finally, it seems the Powells have their priorities straight.
However, keeping his creepiness alive, when Adrian tells Rosie that Evelyn won’t be pestering her about the baby anymore, nor will she blackmail Rosie about her affair with Spence, Rosie is grateful.
“I really owe you one, Mr. Adrian,” Rosie says.
“You absolutely do,” he says, caressing her cheek and making the rest of us shudder.
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Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler