grant show devious maids melrose place 'Devious Maids' Grant Show: 'Melrose Place's' Jake would still be looking for loveZap2it: How will you balance this job with the demands of your newborn?
Grant Show: I don’t know if I could have done this five or 10 years ago. I feel ready. My job is so perfect for a newborn. I work four or five days a month. I may have worked six days this month. I am not one of the maids.
Zap2it: How is your character, Spence, different this season of “Devious Maids”?
Grant Show: He is a little more serious as the year progresses. He is a buffoon, but in a sweet way. Is he going to continue being one of the good guys like on “Melrose Place” where Jake was one of the only nice guys on the show? He has lost everything that’s important to him. Peri is gone. He lost Rosie. Work started to be important to him, and family was everything. This is the couple we want to be together. I am rooting for them.
Zap2it: Speaking of “Melrose Place,” where would Jake be today? 
Grant Show: Jeez, I don’t know. Maybe it’s me, or the way Spence fails a lot. Jake was that way, too. He had a business that would burn down, and he had a boat that sank. And he and his brother got into a fight and he fell off a building and he lived. I landed on him and I got shot while running a bar. He’s probably on his 57th business that didn’t work and trying to find love.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler