rebecca wisocky tom irwin devious maids 'Devious Maids' Rebecca Wisocky and Tom Irwin ditch the dance lessons in favor of dinnerIn the pilot of “Devious Maids” Adrian and Evelyn Powell (Tom Irwin, Rebecca Wisocky) tango. It’s wonderful on so many levels — the symbolism of them dancing while a body floats, the theatricality of the movement and how sexy these two can be together.
“Flora’s murder is intertwined with this chaotic party scene and he grabs me to dance,” Wisocky tells Zap2it. “It is at the end of a 14-hour day and my feet are killing me in my Manolos. I wanted to get good at partner-dancing my whole life, and it kind of maybe looked like what we are doing.” 
They decided then that if the pilot were picked up, they would take tango lessons. The show has been a hit for Lifetime, with Season 2 concluding Sunday, July 13. But the two who play a married couple — sometimes toxic, sometimes merely caustic to each other — dropped the lessons “because we like to eat dinner more.”
Wisocky plays an extremely wealthy woman with an attitude toward the poor Marie Antoinette would have envied.

“She is an evil b**** with a broken heart of gold,” Wisocky says of Evelyn. “She is someone you really shouldn’t like and you kind of can’t help yourself, but you are rooting for her to get it right and you understand why she is the way she is, and why they as a couple are the way they are and were fractured when they lost their son.”
Wisocky, who has been acting for 18 years, got her start in community theater as a shy child.

“I auditioned for a play, and to my horror, I got a part and I was hooked,” she says. “In elementary school I played Santa Claus and George Washington. I looked like I was 40 since I was 13.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler