ana ortiz devious maids lifetime jpeg 'Devious Maids' Season 2, episode 2: 'The Dark at the Top of the Stairs' leads to permanent lights out for someone
Season 2 of “Devious Maids” is off to a great, melodramatic start, and Sunday’s (April 27) episode has a killer ending.
The gunmen who broke into the Powells’ dinner party last week, robbing the well-heeled guests and terrifying Adrian, next storm Carmen and Alejandro’s (Roselyn Sanchez, Matt Cedeno) engagement party.
One bandit shoots into the ceiling to show he means business. But the bullet hits Alejandro in the chest. He dies in Carmen’s arms.
Now that would be tragic by any account, but it’s even worse for Carmen as her burgeoning career might be cut short. Alejandro’s lawyers had drawn up an involved contract that had the two marry. It’s a fake marriage because he was gay but afraid if he came out, he’d lose his fan base. 
Alejandro promised to help Carmen, a talented singer. He was waffling on the nuptials after running into one of his former boyfriends. Even if they didn’t marry, though, Alejandro promised Carmen he would help her. He told her this with his last breath.
Good luck to Carmen convincing his lawyers and any family sure to crop up.
This episode has the death of an important character, and the death — or at least on the critical wounding — of a longtime marriage. Zoila’s (Judy Reyes) husband, Pablo (Alex Fernandez), leaves her. 
Zoila burst in on their daughter, Valentina (Edy Ganem), working as a live-in maid at the Powells’ mansion and demanded that Valentina quit and return to school to become a fashion designer. Valentina refused, saying she can work for her tuition. Zoila stole a Faberge egg, hoping Valentina would be blamed and fired.
Now Zoila is estranged from her daughter and her husband.
Life is not going any better for Rosie (Dania Ramirez). Though Spence (Grant Show) declared his love for her, Peri’s (Mariana Klaveno) evil reach is strangling Spence. Peri was lying about being pregnant, and even thinking she was pregnant with his child, Spence told her he could stand their charade of a marriage no longer, and that he loves their former maid.
Peri threatened to ruin his career, because she has the compassion of a recently hatched venomous spider. Spence did not care. He just wants to be with Rosie. Peri pulled the one punch she knew would hurt him. She threatened to move to Europe with their son. Spence, feeling he has no choice, tells Rosie that they cannot be involved.
That won’t last.
And if Rosie’s love life is not awful enough, we meet the new family she’s working for. Her immigration lawyer brings Rosie and her young son to his uncle’s house. He’s an older man who had a stroke and does not talk. He married a much younger, former stripper. His daughter lives with them, and she’s a very ticked-off artist.
The two women hate each other and try to put Rosie in the middle. No dummy, Rosie knows she’s working for the old man.
The funniest lines come when Evelyn Powell (Rebecca Wisocky) is on screen. She and a girlfriend are going shopping, and Evelyn’s hot new bodyguard Tony (Dominic Adams) drops them off.
Evelyn’s friend compliments her on how “scrumptious” Tony is, and Evelyn pretends she had not noticed. The friend retorts, “and my breasts are real, and I love my stepchildren. Are we done lying to each other now?”
Evelyn sees a homeless woman wearing her stolen necklace and tries yanking it off of her. The beggar flees and Evelyn calls out, “She is getting away. For the love of God, someone shoot her!”
Tony later retrieves the priceless necklace from the homeless woman. He is a smoking hot, dangerous man who is going to cause all kinds of trouble.
And finally we are with Marisol (Ana Ortiz), who is trying to settle into her role as lady of the mansion with her fiance Nick (Mark Deklin) and his deranged maid Opal (Joanna P. Adler). 
Opal could have kept house on “Dark Shadows” — she has that New England prim, disapproving, spooky persona down. Oh, and she is nuts. Perhaps she is in love with Nick or with his first wife.
Marisol talks to Nick, and he allows her to donate his long-dead wife’s belongings to Goodwill, which leads to a true Marc Cherry moment. Creator Cherry loved using letters on “Desperate Housewives” and here, as Marisol is about to move her belongings into a closet that is nicer than most people’s homes, she finds a letter. It is to the former wife, from her mother, warning her to get rid of that crazy maid.
If only she had listened.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler