rebecca wisocky devious maids lieftime 'Devious Maids' Season 2, episode 3: 'Dangerous Liaisons' includes guns, a funeral and a dangerous kiss

Another death, though of a minor character, the start of a torrid affair and gunplay mark Sunday’s (May 4) episode of “Devious Maids.”
A young man, part of the home invasion gang that killed Alejandro, commits suicide in front of the sidewalk shrine to Alejandro. It could be a staged suicide, but he’s the new corpse for this episode.
The charm Sunday is with the maids’ employers, particularly Genevieve and Evelyn (Susan Lucci and Rebecca Wisocky), who get more time on camera. Much of this week’s story revolves around Evelyn, though the episode advances all of the maids’ plots.

Alejandro (Matt Cedeno) is laid to rest and Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) and Odessa (Melinda Page Hamilton) must vacate his mansion by the end of the week. Carmen was rehearsing a sexy song to sing at the funeral — the woman does not have a clear understanding of appropriate behavior when it comes to advancing her career. 

But once she’s standing at the front of the church, with Alejandro in an open casket, Carmen breaks down. Odessa comforts her, and who knows? Maybe they will become roomies since they are both unemployed and homeless.

All is as it always was, which means Rosie (Dania Ramirez) knows best. She may be an uneducated, undocumented worker, but she is far smarter and kinder than most people.

Rosie intuits that her newest boss, Kenneth (Willie C. Carpenter), confined to a wheelchair since his stroke, knows what is swirling around him. Didi, his gold-digger, ex-stripper and druggie wife (Tiffany Hines), is determined that he die as fast as possible so she can inherit his money. A doctor, or at least someone posing as a doctor, makes a house call and proclaims that there is no hope for Kenneth.
Rosie doesn’t believe him and takes Kenneth to another doctor who says that with physical therapy, he will improve. On the way home from the new doctor’s office, Rosie sees the young wife kissing the man posing as a doctor.
So Rosie continues her habit of seeing her employers involved with others. Remember, she caught Peri cheating on Spencer.

Zoila (Judy Reyes) is in a state, considering her husband of 20 years left her, saying she makes everyone miserable, and her daughter, Valentina (Edy Ganem), is estranged from her and working for the Powells. 

To cheer her up, Genevieve invites Zoila to a luncheon she’s throwing. One of Genevieve’s nasty, entitled rich friends is rude to Zoila, who refuses to take her guff.

The ex-maid (Ana Ortiz) takes the letter she found at the end of the last episode to her pals, Rosie and Zoila. The letter to Marisol’s fiance’s first wife (got that?) warns that woman to get rid of the evil maid, Opal (Joanna P. Adler). Opal, however, is still around and all but making voodoo dolls of Marisol.

Even the other maids tell Marisol to fire Opal, but no: Marisol, ever the intellectual, has to first ferret out information about Opal to make a reasoned decision. She goes on a hunt to find out who the dead wife’s friends were and starts by pumping Opal’s son, Ethan, for info. 
Marisol learns that the dead first wife’s best friend was Evelyn Powell. Evelyn remains snippy with Marisol for leaving her because she thought she “vacuumed with the best” and is now jealous that she’s marrying someone wealthier than she is.
Sunday’s show takes the Powells’ misadventures from the first two episodes to the next logical stage. Adrian (Tom Irwin) has grown increasingly paranoid and tells their live-in security guard Tony (Dominic Adams) that he needs a gun.
Evelyn is furious when she sees her husband with a gun, knowing there’s no way this will end without bloodshed. She goes into Tony’s room to tell him off, and he’s doing pull-ups. Evelyn nearly melts. When he takes off his shirt because he’s sweaty, Evelyn becomes flustered, as will every straight woman and gay man who watches this scene.
As Evelyn expected, the sleep-deprived, terrified Adrian does shoot someone — Evelyn. The bullet grazes her upper arm. Considering what this marriage has been through, how they had just gotten back on track and were finally having sex again, until the home invasion robbery turned Adrian into a paranoid lunatic, it’s not surprising that Evelyn is at wit’s end.
When Evelyn and Tony finally share a deep kiss, it’s pretty clear a new torrid affair is beginning.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler