rebecca wisocky dominic adams devious maids lifetime 'Devious Maids' Season 2, episode 5 recap: 'The Bad Seed' takes root
When are people going to learn? Crossing the women on “Devious Maids,” whether the maids or their employers, is foolhardy.
Each woman challenged in Sunday’s (May 18) episode handily deals with it.
The most dramatic moment is between Evelyn Powell (Rebecca Wisocky) and Tony (Dominic Adams), her security guard. As soon as she packs off Adrian for a few weeks of intensive therapy and rest to regain his equilibrium after the home invasion robbery, she and Tony take to bed.
Evelyn offers to buy Tony a present. All he wants is to move from the pool house into the mansion. Evelyn says no, and Tony argues it would be better for everyone.
“Since when do you decide what I would prefer?” Evelyn asks him. “You are an employee.”
“An employee who gives you orgasms,” Tony says. 
He moves without her permission. Later, Evelyn takes Tony to a fancy restaurant, and the tab comes to $900. She gives him the bill and calls over the bouncer, who looks like a henchman for Tony Soprano.
“We may be having an affair but don’t think for two seconds it gives you some kind of power over me,” Evelyn says.
Tony learns his lesson.
Rosie (Dania Ramirez) is happy in her new job, having her son with her. But the little boy, Miguel, disturbs Lucinda (Kimberly Hebert Gregory), her employer’s adult daughter, an artist. Lucinda warns Miguel to stop playing with his remote-control car in the house. When he disobeys, she spanks him, infuriating Rosie.
Rosie demands that Lucinda never touch her son again. It’s the angriest Rosie has been.
Miguel again disobeys while Rosie is sweeping the studio. She bumps into and shatters the statue Lucinda has been sculpting. Lucinda would fire Rosie if she knew the maid had knocked it over. When Rosie blames her son, all Lucinda wants to see is tough love.
It’s the second episode where the show takes advantage of the maids’ being bilingual. Rosie yells at Miguel in Spanish, but tells him to pretend to act afraid and if he cries she will buy him ice cream.
Lucinda thinks Miguel has learned his lesson. Really though, Rosie has, by tapping into her own reserves of power.
Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) is working for Spence (Grant Show) and is annoyed that his nephew will be visiting. Turns out the nephew, Ty (Gideon Gluck), was one of the teenage masked home invaders, who killed Alejandro and terrorized Adrian.
Ty was so distraught over the deadly home invasion that he attempted suicide. Carmen does not know their connection, and she tries to help the hesitant teen, suggesting he invite a couple of friends over.
Carmen runs off to the market to pick up snacks for his friends and returns to a full-fledged house party. Welcome to teen parties in the digital age; he had only texted four friends. Carmen tries to shut down the party.
When she fails, she calls in a noise complaint to the police and as two cops try to clear out everyone, Ty, who is under the drinking age, spills a drink on one officer. The other starts to cuff him, and Carmen slaps the cop. Spence bails them out of jail.
Ty learns to not cross Carmen.
Zoila (Judy Reyes) was dealt harsh blows recently: Her husband left her, her daughter is estranged and the sexy man she thought was interested in her was a rent-boy her employer, Genevieve (Susan Lucci), hired. 
When Valentina (Edy Ganem) reconciles with her mom, and asks her advice over which man she should choose — Ethan, the supposedly poor pool boy or Remi, Genevieve’s son, whom she has been in love with all of her life — Zoila uncharacteristically stays out of it.
Edy learns that her mother knows she is growing up. Zoila learns to back off, and Remi and Ethan learn to give Valentina space.
This leaves Marisol (Ana Ortiz), the former professor who is probably in the most danger. Her fiance, Nick (Mark Deklin) has a hair-trigger temper and is the jealous type, as he reveals in this episode.
Marisol’s book editor is an idiot — flirting with her in front of Nick, talking about how he cheated on his wife with another one of his writers and just being obnoxious. Afterward, Nick prohibits Marisol form going on her book tour.
Prohibits Marisol? Looks as if the next person to learn a lesson will be Nick, who seems to be a very bad seed.
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