ana ortiz mark deklin 2 devious maids lifetime 'Devious Maids' Season 2, episode 7: 6 underhanded acts of 'Betrayal'
It just wouldn’t be “Devious Maids” if treachery didn’t show its two faces every week, and Sunday’s (June 1) episode has some luscious examples of betrayal, which is also the episode’s title.
About the only main character not in on a betrayal in this episode is Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez), which bears mention since she has no problems with a little moral ambiguity as long as she gets what she wants.
The other maids, and one employer, however, are embroiled.

Marisol (Ana Ortiz) continues to betray the creepy Opal (Joanna P. Adler), whose feline presence has her just appear, seemingly out of nowhere. Marisol confronts her fiance, Nick (Mark Deklin), telling him that she knows his late wife, Dahlia, and Opal were lovers.

Marisol demands to know why his dead wife’s lover still lives with him 15 years after the death. Marisol does not buy that it’s strictly because Opal is an excellent maid. She suspects that Nick is the father of Opal’s college-bound son, Ethan (Colin Woodell), who is dating Valentina (Edy Ganem).
Marisol betrays Opal by prying in her private drawer, then lies to Opal about it. She then gives Nick an ultimatum, saying she won’t live under the same roof as Opal. Nick’s solution is to buy Marisol an 8-bedroom, 6-bath house and give Opal the mansion where they had all been living. 

This infuriates Marisol even more.
“Either she goes or I do,” Marisol tells Nick.

She betrays Nick big time since the final scene has Nick going — when Opal runs him over on the same foggy bridge where Dahlia either committed suicide or Opal pushed her. Intentional vehicular homicide has to count as a major betrayal.


Rosie (Dania Ramirez) is betrayed by her latest boyfriend. Unless you count that she slept with her married boss, who was already cuckolded, Rosie does not dabble too much in unethical behavior. She’s too busy meddling in everyone else’s life.

Rosie is dating her immigration lawyer Reggie (Reggie Miller). They first run into Spence (Grant Show) at a restaurant, and Reggie later questions Rosie on what Mr. Spence means to her — besides an annoying refrain of “Mr. Spence.” Rosie spills that he did propose, and she can’t be mean to him because he is going through an ugly divorce.
Reggie and Spence run into each other at a coffee shop, and Spence is in a foul mood, having just dealt with his divorce lawyer over child custody issues. Reggie has the audacity to start talking locker room trash about Rosie in bed and Spence pummels him. 


She tries to betray her new beau Javier (Ivan Hernandez). Zoila (Judy Reyes) is at his house and though she loves the d├ęcor, she’s disgusted by how dirty it is. He has a maid, and Zoila tells him to demand she actually clean or fire her.

Soon, Rosie brings a friend from church to one of the maids’ coffees. That friend is weepy because her boss, who is of course Zoila’s new beau, threatened to fire her if she does not give the house a thorough cleaning immediately. The maid’s grandmother is dying and she has to get down to San Diego.
Zoila feels guilty for getting her in trouble, so she volunteers to clean the house and does a spectacular job. But her big mouth and bigger heart undo the betrayal.

She betrays her employer, Evelyn (Rebecca Wisocky), after finding her in flagrante with her bodyguard Tony (Dominic Adams). Valentina (Edy Ganem) visits Evelyn’s husband, Adrian (Tom Irwin) at the country club sanitarium and drops hints about his wife.


Her betrayal is of her husband, as she and Tony continue to go at each other like bunnies. She is surprised when Adrian returns earlier than expected, and is clearly onto them.

Evelyn sets the stage for more retribution from Valentina when she condescends to her. Valentina does have a problem with boundaries, as the maids and the other employers all do, and tries chatting about personal matters with her boss.
“At some point I must have given you the impression I enjoy small talk with the help,” Evelyn says. “Please accept my apologies. You need to scrub the toilet.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler