Michael C. Hall and Jennifer CarpenterJust three episodes into “Dexter’s” seventh season, things are moving along at lightning speed between Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter). Just days after discovering he is a serial killer, his sister might have come to appreciate what a valuable service he provides — to public safety, if not Miami Metro Homicide’s case-closure statistics. At this rate, by the end of the season she’ll be joining him on road trips like Hannah McKay and her serial killer boyfriend, Wayne Randall.

Introducing Hannah McKay: At last, we finally meet the lovely Ms. McKay (Yvonne Strahovski), who will become a central figure in the coming episodes. Tonight, however, we just saw the blond beauty make Dexter nervous as he takes DNA swabs from her cheek. (In the wake of Wayne Randall’s Frosty Swirl-icide, his mom turned over his trophy collection to police.)

Mas Masuka: One of the many reasons “Dexter” is so good this season is the additional screen time for Vince Masuka, Miami Metro’s wisecracking pervert. We sure hope Dexter doesn’t end up stabbing him in the throat (like he did in a grisly fantasy) — his comic relief offers a perfect balance to the serious stuff going on between Dexter and their boss.

Graveyard Shift: Dexter’s latest target is the Minotaur — that’s what we’re calling cemetery groundskeeper Ray Speltzer anyway, considering he dresses up as the man-bull before torturing his victims in a maze of horror. Instead of sneaking behind Deb’s back, Dexter “lures” Deb to bar where he’s “vetting” his fellow serial killer. Meanwhile, Deb tries to go by the book. Failing to get a search warrant, she tails Speltzer herself, and nearly becomes his next victim — after the waitress he just killed. Oops.

Lounge Lizard: Quinn is such an easy target for Foxhole Gentleman’s Club stripper Nadia, who is flirting with him and reporting back to the Brotherhood about their investigation. The real detective work is being done by the Ukrainian mob itself, though: Thanks to a GPS tracking bracelet they are using to monitor all their mules, they track Viktor to Dexter’s slip.

Intern Ship: Masuka’s vengeful intern Louis is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Masuka fires him after the “buyer” (aka Dexter) of the Ice Truck Killer hand returns it to Miami Homicide requesting a refund. Then Jamie breaks up with him after she watching the anonymously sent (Dexter again) video of Louis receiving his money’s worth from a prostitute. And just as he’s exacting his revenge by sabotaging Dexter’s boat, the mobsters arrive. Even though he ultimately convinces them that the “Slice of Life” belongs to “this douchebag named Dexter Morgan,” they shoot him anyway — but not before they find out where Dexter works. As if he doesn’t have enough to worry about, now he’s being targeted a ruthless mob boss. Yikes.

Free to Be You and Me: Deb finally admits that she understands that Dexter’s hobby might be a “necessary evil” — but she still hates it. Still, she is shutting down Operation Rehab and tells him to move back home.

Killer Quotes 

“Great, now my brother has a lizard brain.” –Deb, when Dex tells her Speltzer is setting off an alarm in his “lizard brain”/amygdala

“I have the worst luck with interns.”–Masuka, after Louis is “exposed”

“If the legal system worked as well as you think it does, I wouldn’t be so busy.” –Dex on Deb’s belief in the criminal justice system

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