michael c hall yvonne strahovski 706 dexter 'Dexter'   'Do the Wrong Thing' recap: Dexter's shocking tableau for twoWell, that was a first for “Dexter.” In another tableau shocker to rival Deb’s (Jennifer Carpenter) discovery of her brother killing Travis Marshall, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) had his way with Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski.

Except this time, he used his butcher knife to release his intended victim from her plastic restraints — and got hot ‘n’ heavy on the cold table as artificial snow fell on them in a winter wonderland, — the closed-down carnival that had enchanted the serial murderess.

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail: Turns out Peter Cottontail isn’t the only thing Hannah has been dispatching with deadly poison. Dexter learns that both Hannah’s husband and her mentor — Beverly Grey, from whom she inherited her nursery, both died. He suspects poison, and discovers that she has been harvesting aconite — “beautiful and dangerous, just like Hannah” — for years on her greenhouse property. And because her victims apparently died of natural causes (excepting one, who died from rat poison), Hannah has gotten away with murder: an ideal candidate for Dexter to “give her what she deserves.” Surprising, since the two share an undeniable chemistry — but Dexter is really stressed out and desperate to relieve his stress by killing somebody.

michael c hall crime book 706 dexter 'Dexter'   'Do the Wrong Thing' recap: Dexter's shocking tableau for twoMurder, He Wrote: Sal Price (Santiago Cabrera), the true-crime writer who penned “Love on the Run” about Wayne Randall and Hannah McKay’s killing spree, visits Miami Metro to follow up on the case. Dexter hilariously plays goofy fan to ply him for more information, and discovers that (1) Sal is writing a Hannah McKay sequel, (2) he is having an independent investigator review the blood report on the newlyweds’ bodies, which incriminates Hannah (and exposes Dexter’s cover-up/shoddy work), (3) a man whom McKay accused of molesting her in juvie dropped dead of the aforementioned rat poison, and (4) Sal is interested in dating Deb. Our advice to Sal? Back away slowly, dude. Hannah and Dexter are both killers, and Deb is the kiss of death. Literally.

Justice Denied: Another Miami Metro case falls apart when Quinn, to save his girlfriend Nadia, steals the blood evidence linking Isaak Sirko (Ray Stevenson) the Colombian murders. Meanwhile, Batista contemplates retiring and buying a restaurant, while LaGuerta theorizes that the Bay Harbor Butcher is linked to the disappearances of the Barrel Girls suspects. This jogs Deb’s memory about Dexter’s “tenant,” Lumen (Julia Stiles): “You moved your girlfriend into the house where Trinity murdered your wife so you could kill together,” she accuses her brother with disgust. Dexter only fuels her rage by suggesting she focus on herself — like going on a date with Sal.

yvonne strahovski flower 706 dexter 'Dexter'   'Do the Wrong Thing' recap: Dexter's shocking tableau for twoBlood Lust: With her brother no longer the object of her affection — and Batista showing how empty her life could become — Deb decides to “get a life” and go out with Sal. And she has a fabulous time, especially when he floats his theory about Hannah being a killer. Meanwhile, Hannah gets her own flirt on with Dexter, dropping by his apartment with a more appropriate house plant: a spotted phalaenopsis, an orchid whose coloring resembles blood spatter. Placing it in his bedroom, Hannah says provocatively, “Now you can look at it when you wake up and when you go to bed.” No wonder she agrees to Dexter’s offer to “take [her] out,” although she definitely expects the evening to end differently. Or maybe not.

“This is what I need to fill my emptiness,” marvels Hannah at a closed-down carnival where Dexter had surprised her, a substitute for Santa’s Holiday Adventure, where Wayne promised to take her during their crime spree. Instead, she wakes up on Dexter’s killing table. And as he holds a knife to her throat, she says fearlessly, “Do what you gotta do.”

And did he ever.

Killer Quotes
“Something planty.” –Dexter, when Hannah asks what kind of d�cor he’s looking for

“Don’t be a cop tease,” Deb when Sal hints at his theory about Hannah

“I’d really like to avoid killing anyone in here — they can get in the way of my being released,” Isaak, warning George to get him out of jail

“Guess I’m maybe kind of a morbid guy” –Dexter

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