“Dexter” is closing in on everybody.

In Sunday’s (Nov. 28) episode “In the Beginning,” everyone is getting closer to either the truth, capturing their prey or showing their hand.

Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and Quinn (Desmond Harrington) confront Jordan Chase (Jonny Lee Miller) about his missing head of security and his apparent lack of concern.

It’s fun to watch Deb because she’s not one to hide her feelings, and Jordan definitely is feeling defensive. Don’t poke the bear, Deb! Who knows who he’ll take his anger out on next. At least she’s not his “type.”

Speaking of “type,” Lumen (Julia Stiles) has noticed that Emily Birch — she of the blood necklace — looks similar to her and the other victims.

Is Dexter (Michael C. Hall) right? Despite surviving, could Birch be the first victim? “In the Beginning” makes sense now in a twisted way.

“How is she still alive?” Yeah, we really can’t wait to learn this full backstory.

Meanwhile, Deb has come across videos of the victims. We don’t know how she even gets through one of them.

We love her take on things “They f***ing poke each other on Facebook,” and the conclusion she draws about what’s been happening to the missing men. Deb really is one of the most resilient characters.We are disturbed by Deb’s insight though — not necessarily knowing that there’s a vigilante, but her observation “There’s no coming back from something like this.” We hope she’s wrong, because if she’s right, then we fear for Lumen at the end of this season.

Also, this is the third instance this season when Deb has led us to believe that she’s okay with certain killing. We’re not saying she’d totally be on board with Dexter’s extracurricular activities, but maybe she’d understand a little. Maybe.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen