dexter finale s5 clip 320 'Dexter' finale preview and 9 things we'd like to see happenWe already know that we’ll have more “Dexter” now that it’s been renewed for a sixth season, but will we have more Lumen (Julia Stiles) ?

That remains to be seen on the Season 5 finale “The Big One” on Sunday, Dec. 12 on Showtime.

Her fate is in the hands of motivational speaker Jordan Chase (Jonny Lee Miller), who headed up a sort of rape/torture club for Lumen and other similar looking blondes. He’s abducted her and is taking her — well, we have no idea where. Last we checked, he was supposed to fly out of town on a speaking gig, but that was just a ruse. Dexter (Michael C. Hall) just needs to find them before it’s too late.

As he’s about to rush off, however, he gets a little delayed:

Aw, it’s nice that Dexter has family, and Astor (Christina Robinson) surely cleaned up her look from last time. We just hope he’ll be able to celebrate with them later.

So what’s going on with Lumen? It’s hard to tell, but Dexter gets at least one clue during this very civilized conversation with Jordan:She’s alive … for now.

This has been some season so far, and we’re not sure how much more trauma we can handle after last season’s death. So here’s a wishlist of things we’d like to see in the Season 5 finale (we’re kind of in the habit since it’s the holidays):

  1. Liddy‘s body is found but he’s not mourned because somehow they frame him to be the vigilante’s helper.
  2. They fake Emily Birch‘s death to make it appear that she was the vigilante/victim.
  3. Angel and Laguerta decide to give their relationship a break.
  4. Harrison is somehow the key to capturing Jordan.
  5. Lumen gets to kill Jordan or at least tell him “Tick, tick, tick” before he’s dispatched by Dexter.
  6. All of Dexter’s loved ones live. This includes Lumen.
  7. Quinn and Deb decide to officially cohabitate.
  8. Masuka finds a tattooed girlfriend.
  9. Pigs fly.

So okay, this wouldn’t be “Dexter” if everything wrapped up so completely or happily. We’ll be willing to compromise if we get two of those wishes.

Do you have any wishes of your own? 

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen