dexter jonny lee miller ep509 320 'Dexter': Jordan Chase scares us too, Lumen“Dexter” only has three episodes left this season, so we should have expected the huge leaps it made Sunday night (Nov. 21), but we didn’t.

Spoilers! Yes, tick, tick, tick, your life might be running out, but you still have time to watch the episode before reading further.

On Episode 509, “Teenage Wasteland,” we get more of an inkling of just how chilling and conniving and — we hate to say it — competent Jordan Chase (Jonny Lee Miller). is. It’s frightening just how easily he put all the pieces together.

Suspecting Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is one thing; after all, the blood necklace gives that away. But immediately knowing that Dexter is teamed up with Lumen (Julia Stiles)– he was warned by Dan the dentist that she was alive and working with someone — and then tracking her down? That takes manpower. We wonder how many people he has working for him that know his secret and help him carry it out.

Oh, but when he tells Lumen that “tick, tick, tick” line, we wanted to cry also. His delivery is great. There’s nothing about the inflection of his voice that ever gives away his evil intent, but neither does he ever sound genuine. And “playing with his prey”? Ugh, just like a serial killer. We have very big fears this season about whom Dexter might lose next. We haven’t felt safe since last season’s finale.

A few other points we’d like to discuss:

Harry’s back!

His concern this time is for Astor (Christina Robinson), who suddenly turns up looking like Taylor Momsen. It’s interesting that he’s no longer really objecting to cooperating with Lumen … at this point anyway.

Could Dexter have turned out “normal”?

When Dexter beats up Olivia’s evil not-a-father Barry, ghost/conscience Harry tells Dexter, “I’m proud of you. I assumed you were a monster when you’re capable of so much more. If only I saw that maybe I wouldn’t have led you down this path.”

James Remar tells Zap2it: “At some point that Harry expresses some remorse for perhaps what Dexter could have been. But if we hearken back to the very beginning of the show, Harry’s always known that Dexter has some kernel or some grain of a conscience. If he didn’t, if he was totally a blank apathetic slate, Harry wouldn’t have been able to do anything with him.”

We don’t know. We’re still struggling with trying to figure out if Dexter is good. Nothing is quite that simple in this world. (More from Remar’s interview with Zap2it)

dexter jonny lee miller 509 250x350 'Dexter': Jordan Chase scares us too, LumenWho’s Emily Birch?

It’s her blood in the necklace, but she’s not a victim. It appears she’s a trouble lady though. When we think back to Jordan telling Dexter about Plato’s “Symposium,” about people who are trying to make themselves whole, maybe this is a clue. Is he perhaps somehow acting out because she cannot? We need more info.

Declarations of love

Dexter finally tells Astor he loves her, which is a huge step for him. But Quinn (Desmond Harrington) telling Deb (Jennifer Carpenter)? Wow, we didn’t see that one coming. How much time has passed? We love how she gets all panicky over touchy feely stuff.

Our nerves can’t handle TWO villains

Liddy (Peter Weller)  is just going to mess things up for Dexter, we know it. But we’re hoping that somehow in the next three episodes, things get pinned on him. Quinn better not let his guard down because Deb really deserves not to have one of her boyfriends die in some horrible way.

LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) better redeem herself quickly

Her storyline is just so despicable this season. We appreciated that she tried to shield Dexter and Batista (David Zayas), but the way she used Deb and her willingness to try and brush the Barrel Girl case under the rug when the DNA evidence proves there’s at least another man involved is just disgusting. It’s enough to make us swear like Deb. At least LaGuerta finally agreed to re-open the case.

Relating to teenage girls

Lumen encourages Dexter to tell Astor something he did when he was her age.

Dexter: “I killed the neighbor’s dog.”
Lumen: “Well, don’t tell her that.”

There was just so much going on this episode. What did we miss?

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