julia stiles dexter ep504 320 'Dexter': Let there be Lumen“Dexter” has given its first hints of the bigger villain’s arc for Season 5 (which you may have read about in this spoilery post).

Spoilers! Before reading further, watch Episode 504, “Beauty and the Beast.

It took some doing and even allowing Lumen (Julia Stiles) to stab Dexter (Michael C. Hall) to finally win her trust. Her history is still a bit hazy, but this is what we’ve gathered:

  • She’s Lumen Ann Pierce from Minnesota
  • There was some falling-out with her family, and her mother wrote her a letter to try and make amends for what her dad had said/done.
  • Lumen had planned on being gone for a while and had an extended stay reserved at small hotel/motel.
  • At some point, she was captured by Boyd (Shawn Hatosy) and “others” who kept her imprisoned for an indeterminate period of time and did unspecified horrible things to her, including lacerating her back.
  • From the previews, Lumen is definitely embracing Dexter’s vigilante vengeance scheme, but unfortunately, doesn’t have “the code” or experience.

Other highlights and musings from the episode:

  • Creepy that spectral Harry kept urging Dexter that he “had no choice” to kill Lumen.
  • Best line goes to Deb: “F*** me in both ears.”
  • Wonder if nanny is also a mother figure to Dexter: “Never lie to someone who trusts you, nevre trust someone who lies to you.”
  • Yes, Harrison would be a better distraction than donuts.
  • Masuka‘s willingness to share antibiotics is just gross.
  • Cringeworthy moment – When Fuentes slashes the dude’s throat with the machete. We thought the head would be totally or mostly severed off.
  • Somehow, we don’t think Quinn will give up getting Dexter ID’d as Kyle Butler.

Are you on board with this season yet? We’re psyched!

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen