When last we left “Dexter,” our anti-hero (Michael C. Hall) and his protege Lumen (Julia Stiles) finally put a name to one of her abductors: Cole Harmon (Chris Vance), the head of security for self-help guru Jordan Chase (Jonny Lee Miller).

On Sunday’s (Nov. 14) episode “Take It,” it looks like Lumen is at least staying out of harm’s way and taking care of the background legwork on Cole. No surprise that he’s a dangerous man with a not too pristine history.

So, how do these guys know each other? We’re thinking maybe summer camp or juvie.

Meanwhile, Dexter has an actual run-in with Jordan, who distracts us with the bluetooth that’s still in his ear. As if that weren’t distrubing enough, Jordan reveals that he knows quite a lot about Dexter:We are not happy to even hear Jordan say the name “Harrison.” Dexter better throw that swag bag away.

Finally, we get back to Santa Muerte, and as with everything involved with this case, nothing is good. Batista (David Zayas) is having a loyalty crisis, while Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), well, you’ll see:

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen