carpenter hall dexter 702 'Dexter' recap   'Sunshine and Frosty Swirl': Serial killer rehab“I am not OK. I am never going to f***ing be OK.”

In case there was any question about how Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) would react to learning her brother (Michael C. Hall) not only killed Travis Marshall but dozens of other people as well, she made it clear in the opening scene of “Dexter’s” second episode of the season.

She also puked and punched him in the face.

What Lieutenant Morgan did not do, however, was arrest her brother.

Serial Killer Rehab: Instead, Deb researches serial killers through the work of FBI agent Bill Lundy’s (one of her murdered exes) profile of the Bay Harbor Butcher. Without realizing he’s actually profiling Dexter, she does make note of his characterization of serial killers as having “an addiction.” Her solution? Serve as Dexter’s “clinic.” She tells him, “I love you more than you will ever f***ing know” (and boy do we hope it stays that way, because that romantic storyline <i>killed</i> Season 6). “I still believe there is good in you, maybe more than most people.” She certainly believes in him more than his father, who called him a “monster.” He gives her even more reason to hope when he calls her, like a sponsor, after drugging her so he could sneak out and dispose of another thorn in his side.

Louis: That thorn, of course, is Masuka’s (C.S. Lee) intern, Louis, who, he learns, sent him the ITK hand and canceled all his credit cards. Dex gives him a pass after learning that Louis is oblivious to his secret and is merely retaliating for Dexter dissing his serial killer video game. Unfortunately, Louis doesn’t heed Dexter’s warning to stay away from his apartment, nanny and job, instead taunting Dexter in his own home. Dexter is thisclose to killing him, but instead calls Deb and dumps Louis on a park bench to sleep off his powerful sedative.

Natural Born Killers: While Capt. LaGuerta secretly reopens the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation after confirming that the slide she found contained Travis Marshall’s blood, Deb is forced to examine another past serial killer case: Wayne Randall, who went on a killing spree with his teenage girlfriend, Hannah, tells police he wants to “clear his conscience” about three other murders. Instead, he really concocted the story so he could enjoy the sunshine and a Frosty Swirl before committing suicide. Although he had Dexter convinced for a while that prison wasn’t so bad, he jumped in front of a truck. Next week we’ll meet Hannah herself (“Chuck’s” Yvonne Strahovski), whom Randall called “Robin” to his “Batman.”

Ungentlemanly Conduct: Batista and Quinn are spending a lot of time at the Foxhole Gentlemen’s Club, trying to find out who killed Det. Mike Anderson and the stripper Kaja. Meanwhile, mob boss Isaac (<b>Ray Stevenson</b>) is trying to figure out what happened to Victor (Enver Gjokaj), and flies out from Ukraine when his henchman doesn’t make his flight. Suspecting that Kaja’s boyfriend, a bouncer in the club, killed Victor, he has another henchman stab him in the eye. This guy doesn’t mess around, and could prove a formidably adversary for Dexter. Meanwhile Keystone Cop Quinn starts fooling around with another Foxhole stripper, Nadia, not realizing that Isaac is using her to monitor the progress of the police investigation.

Killer Quotes

  • “You gave it a name?” –Deb, when Dexter explains his “Dark Passenger”
  • “I was ready to blow you.” –A very relieved Masuka when Dexter agrees not to reveal that his intern sold ITK evidence
  • “There have to be families more f***ed up than us. But I sure as hell wouldn’t want to meet ’em.” –Deb
    “All this waiting around — it’s like dating a born-again Christian.” –Masuka re the failure to find Randall’s victim at the excavation site
  • “Do you have any A1?” –Dex, on tasting Deb’s steak
  • “I can appreciate the mindset of a collector, but toys? Seems like a waste of a good obsession.” –Dexter upon breaking into Louis’ apartment.
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