julia stiles dexter ep504 320 'Dexter' recap: Beauty and the BeastOn “Dexter”: Dexter and Julia Stiles embark on the rough and tumble road of captor and prisoner to best friends and fellow murderers, and things go pretty well, if you look at the big picture. I mean, a little Dexter blood was shed, and a good chunk of Masuka’s pharmaceutical stash went missing in the process, but after a few days Dex and Julia were swapping stories of murdered wives and being sex-trafficked like only the best of friends can do.

Deb, on the other hand, is having a hell of a time catching these Santa Muerte bastards. With a little help from Dexter, she tracks the beheaders’ cigar butt down to a tenement they’re renting that they’ve filled with not only their freaky machetes and skulls, but about a dozen immigrant families as well. One of the beheaders was home during the raid, but he outsmarted Deb immediately and fled. Sucks for her, but at least we got to see some blood squirting out of his hostage’s neck before he left. It was a little regional Shakespeare festival, but still — that’s nice of him.

And in the other storylines, for which I care very little: Dexter’s nanny quit, but later decided to come back. Angel apologized to the cop he beat up, but IA is being their jerk selves about it and turning the whole thing onto LaGuerta, because if some drunk guy says you gave him a b*****b a million years ago it must not only be true, but you deserve to be in trouble for it now. So that’s still going on. Luckily, Quinn’s feeble little Dexter hunt is currently on hold, as he broke safehouse protocol to get to Trinity’s son and show him a photo of Dexter in a convenience store. The son didn’t talk, and LaGuerta suspended Quinn without pay indefinitely. That’s probably the most useful thing LaGuerta has ever done. I hereby forgive any b*****b she’s ever given. Now let’s stop talking about them, please.

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