dexter season 5 michael c hall harrison 'Dexter' recap: New DirectionsOn “Dexter,” we join Dexter where we left him at the end of last season, with a dead Rita in the bathtub and a bloody baby. Deb and the homicide team show up shortly afterwards and deal with the scene. Dexter, stunned, says “It was me,” to Deb, which, naturally, causes all sorts of confusion, but later he explains that he should have protected her and it’s his fault.

He’s in a daze as he organizes her funeral arrangements. He remembers back to his first date with Rita, when he picked a restaurant, not for the steak tartare, but to be closer to some dude he was going to kill. It was a really bad date. Laguerta insists that everyone in the department offer Dexter support, but Quinn decides to offer him some suspicion. First, he bones Deb, which we guess isn’t terribly surprising. She acts really strangely afterwards and doesn’t want to talk about it. Meanwhile, Quinn talks to Elliot the neighbor and finds out about his kiss with Rita and the subsequent beatdown that he got from Dexter. He tells Laguerta what he learned, and she freaks out that he’s trying to implicate Dexter, but he reminds her that, in most murders, the husband is the culprit.

When Dexter tells the kids that Rita is dead, Astor flips out and says that she wishes Dexter were the one who was dead. On that note, Dexter decides that he should leave town, because everyone would be better off without him. He confesses to dead Rita in a coffin that he is a serial killer. He ditches his interview with the FBI as Deb is completing arrangements for Rita’s funeral. As Dexter is heading out for his new life on his boat, he remembers a phone call he had with Rita after their first date and, when they say good-bye to each other, it of course has a lot of metaphorical weight. His boat breaks down so he ends up at a place where this redneck is really rude to him, so he kills him in fury. Harry appears and tells him that it’s OK to show his feelings, so he shouts with a lot of rage and sadness. Afterwards, he shows up at Rita’s funeral, much to an antsy Deb’s relief. He gives a eulogy recounting all of Rita’s tenderness.

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