dexter harrison season 8 'Dexter' Season 8 episode 6 'A Little Reflection': It's all about familyThe family theme of the final season of “Dexter” keeps plugging along, as Dexter bonds with his real son and finds himself a surrogate son, one with whom he can share the dark passenger.

So, Zach Hamilton killed Norma Rivera and is the type of young psychopath in whom Dr. Vogel sees potential to be another Dexter. At first, Dexter balks because Zach killed an innocent, but Zach’s table-side (table-on?) confession about caring for his mother (since his dad’s affairs are causing her to drink herself to death) and also the dark urges he can’t control convinces Dexter he can adopt Zach as a mentor (son, intern, what have you).

(Though PS — if Zach gets jealous of Dexter’s real son and tries, or succeeds, to hurt Harrison, we immediately renounce him and hope Dexter kills him slowly and painfully.)

And as Dexter is finding another familial addition to his darker side, his relationship with Deb is on the mend. We’re glad the two of them are there for each other again, without bringing in that whole “in love with my brother” thing Deb had going on.

Dexter also bonds with Harrison over lying, teaching him an important lesson about not doing it and apologizing if you do.

In other families, Batista hurts his Miami Metro brother Quinn by promoting Miller to sergeant instead of Quinn, largely at the prodding of Matthews. This also angers Jamie, because it certainly comes across as Batista setting Quinn up to look like a chump.

And Masuka figures Niki is there to ask him for money, since Deb’s background check on her reveals her car was repossessed, so he preemptively gives her $5000 and says he can’t give her any more, which offends her because that’s not why she was reaching out to him.

Oh, and Elway likes Deb. So maybe we’re just too cynical after all these years of “Dexter” and maybe Elway’s just a good guy (plus, how cute is Sean Patrick Flanery when he’s all blushy-blushy at Deb putting on the transmitter?).

And then this entirely lovely familial episode ends with flipping Hannah showing back up, having poisoned Dexter and Deb for whatever nefarious thing she’s up to. This can’t be good.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • That steak/beer scene between Dexter and Deb was so fantastic. Really hearkened back to the early days of the show, but the dynamic is different now. It was very well done.
  • We all know the old theatre adage — the bloody stuffed
    dog that is introduced in the first act will go off in the third act.
    Hope that’s not what sends Dexter to the electric chair.
  • Was Vogel being creepy with her, “It never occurred to me to try again because I didn’t have Harry. But now I have you.” Has she just been biding her time to train new psychopath vigilantes?
  • Also, what do you make of Vogel having been married? More family things. It was a weird thing to mention if it never comes up again. Hmmm.

What did you think of “A Little Reflection”?

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