dexter season 8 make your own kind of music 'Dexter' Season 8 episode 9: The Brain Surgeon is revealedThe Brain Surgeon has been revealed (for real this time) on “Dexter,” so don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet and don’t want to know the killer’s identity.

Turns out the speculation about Vogel’s family was spot-on. We thought it would end up being her husband but did wonder if Vogel ever had children and it turns out she did — her psychopath son Daniel killed her son Richard. He was committed by his parents once the Vogels covered up Richard’s death and subsequently died in a fire at the sanitarium.

Except he actually did. Daniel is alive and well and killing people in Miami (including Cassie, he was posing as her boyfriend Oliver), then sending parts of their brains to his mommy. Dexter knows he has to kill Daniel and sets a trap for him using Mama Cass and a local diner, but Daniel outwits Dexter and goes back to Dr. Vogel, who seemingly takes him in.

We don’t think Vogel’s known this whole time about Daniel, however. Her reactions to the brains, in private when only the viewers are seeing her, is too horrified for her to have been in on anything.

We think she’s just happy to have her son back, even if he is a murderous psychopath. That is, after all, her bread and butter. We just hope it doesn’t come back to bite Dr. Vogel, because we like her quite a bit.

However, if Daniel Vogel has to off some main character, we’d prefer it be Vogel to Dexter, Deb, Hannah or Harrison, so … sorry, Vogel. We hope your son doesn’t kill you, but if it’s you or them, we hope it’s you.

Also, we probably should’ve guessed Vogel had a psycho son a long time ago, but without any mention of children, we just assumed she was one of those people who saw her work subjects as her “children,” like she does with Dexter.

Either way, we fully expect her spiritual son to kill her actual son.

Meanwhile, Dexter’s family may be falling apart a little, but he’s still got Deb, Hannah and Harrison. Hannah and Dexter love each other and keep fueling our fire that they live happily ever after as noble murderers in Argentina when the series’ final curtain falls.

However, Elway might have thrown a kink in the plans when he turns Hannah into the U.S. Marshals. While they are on the trail, Dexter stashes Hannah at Deb’s house, which is awesome and hilarious, if only for this exchange:

Hannah: “You hungry?”
Deb: “Are you kidding?”
Hannah: “Totally fair.”

This season has been so delightfully humorous.

And speaking of Deb, she’s back on the force as a detective, though it’s almost too much for her to take, after her downward spiral and also knowing what she knows about her brother. It’s a bit overwhelming for her, but we feel confident she’ll take the job and be a butt-kicking cop once again, though.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • There are three episodes left, leaving plenty of time for Dexter’s life to go down the tubes, which makes us very sad. But for now, we’re keeping our eyes on the living-with-Hannah-and-Harrison-in-Argentina prize.
  • But Vogel did caution Dexter: “Killers can’t have a full emotional life,” so do you think in the end he’ll have to choose? And Harrison will wind up being raised by Deb or something? We sure hope not.
  • So, Quinn laid a smooch on Deb because — duh — he’s still in love with her. Deb says they should pretend it never happened, but we kind of hope they end up together (sorry, Jamie Batista).
  • Do you think Daniel will kill someone Dexter cares about?

What did you think of “Make Your Own Kind of Music”? Any guesses for where the series ends up?

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