julia stiles dexter ep504 320 'Dexter': Take it!julia stiles dexter ep504 320 'Dexter': Take it!The episode begins with a Jordan Chase seminar that Dexter happens to be attending. Even he thinks that all of the other attendees are freaks. He’s scoping out Cole Harmon while he’s there. Meanwhile, LaGuerta is getting a lot of press heat for the Santa Muerta disaster at Club Mayan. She freaks out in the station about how there are going to be consequences for the absolutely stupid actions at the club stakeout. Deb finds out that she doesn’t feel bad about killing Carlos Fuentes, which disturbs her.

Dexter checks in with Lumen, who can’t figure out how Boyd, Cole, Dan the Dentist, etc. knew each other. Cole approaches Dex, because Jordan wants to talk with him. Spooky. Jordan tells him that he knows about Rita’s murder. He asks if he can discuss Dexter’s loss with him at length. And, then, we find out that he also knows Harrison’s name. Thin ice, Chase.

LaGuerta tells Deb that Manzon is going to get punished for the botched stakeout and Deb freaks. She reminds LaGuerta that she was the one who took over and recommends that they all stick together. Lumen gets a call from Owen, the guy that she left at the altar. Dude seems super-sweet. He asks to see her, and she struggles and says that she’ll meet him the next day.

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