dexter julia stiles chris vance s5 320 'Dexter': The hunter becomes the hunted“Dexter,” you’re going to give us a coronary.

The action is ratcheting up as the season progresses, and we’re really afraid someone we like is going to get seriously hurt (or lost forever like at the end of last season).
Spoilers! Watch “Take It!” before reading further. Your primal self will thank you.

We knew Lumen (Julia Stiles) wouldn’t be completely safe, showing her face around, and sure enough Cole (Chris Vance) recognized her and almost choked the life out of her in the hotel where the Jordan Chase (Jonny Lee Miller)seminar was taking place.

Even if we buy her intense need for vengeance, what happened to self preservation? It doesn’t take much to disguise yourself. Celebrities know to at least put on sunglasses and a baseball cap. Also, considering she doesn’t know who two of her rapists are, she should really be hiding out.

Speaking of, this is the first true indication that Jordan himself could be one of her assailants. We knew he was mixed in it somehow, but not necessarily an active participant. Of course we had just assumed he was … It’s interesting though that all these serial killers (just because Boyd was “The Finisher” doesn’t mean the other guys weren’t also culpable) have such signatures like the watch catchphrase, the jacket, Dexter’s blood slide. Why is ritual so important?

Also, assuming Jordan is one of the remaining men, who’s the other one? This is creepy not knowing.

Anyway, as if there’s not enough to worry about, Liddy (Peter Weller) discovered Lumen’s identity through chicanery, and we’re really freaked out by his photographic evidence of Dex & Lu getting rid of chopped up Cole. Crap. When someone is this close to revealing Dexter’s secret, usually someone dies. Since Liddy is also mixed up with LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) and Quinn (Desmond Harrington), we’re feeling more antsy.

A few other musings and highlights:

  • It’s such a cop out whenever someone tries to use the “we’re really just animals” excuse for treating other people poorly.
  • Dexter at the seminar: “I’ve never been around so many people who made me feel normal.”
  • Ooh, LaGuerta, you’re in for it. Really.
  • Does Lumen’s falling asleep mean she trusts Dexter? And once she’s avenged, can she still hang with Dexter?
  • Huh, signs of Deb maybe learning/approving of Dexter’s secret: 1) Not caring about killing Carlos Fuentes 2) That little heart-to-heart with Dexter about some people not being fit to live.
  • We never want to see Harrison in the “Born Primal” onesie.
  • Wow, Owen really seemed out of place, like he would fit better on “Glee” or something.
  • Deb to Manzon: “What you did, you would never learn from me.” Burn!
  • We love how Trinity is still this specter from the previous season. How will this all get wrapped up?

Next week: Who do you think is at the door?

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen