dexter desmond harrington jennifer carpenter 507 320 'Dexter': We fear for Lumen, loveSunday’s (Dec. 5) “Dexter,” episode “Hop a Freighter” is all about love, and that’s why we’re so nervous about the upcoming finale.

First of all, love does not run smoothly in the “Dexter” world. As soon as a couple gets moony-eyed, we’re afraid for the fate of their relationship or worse, their mortality. Both Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and Dexter (Michael C. Hall) especially have bad track records.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have hope though. We were reluctant at first but are coming around about Quinn (Desmond Harrington) and Deb together. She’s seemed a little more steady, mature this season. And really, his declaration of love, saying that Deb’s like a man, but in a good way, is just too adorable. Yeah, they deserve each other.

We’re not thrilled with how Deb’s been making herself the target of Jordan‘s (Jonny Lee Miller) police hatred though. When he insinuates that she’s obsessed with him and how he’s concerned for her … why does that sound like a threat? “You’re in danger. Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” she tells him. Heed yourself, Deb.

The Morgans are falling fast. After Dexter’s night with Lumen (Julia Stiles) they’re all cosy now. They act like a couple, holding hand, making plans. Record scratch. Yup, isn’t that the kiss of death? We’re not talking about a house and home, but Lumen has invited herself to Harrison’s birthday party in Orlando, and they do fantasize about just running away together (hence, “Hop a Freighter”).

dexer julia stiles 510 320 'Dexter': We fear for Lumen, loveEven Deb observes that whoever is helping the Vigilante/Victim, that it must stem from love. “what they’re doing is devotion … serious s***. It’s pretty f***ed up and kind of beautiful too.”

Is it any wonder that Jordan captured her? Don’t make plans, people. Some villain just wants to come along and ruin them for you.

Of course, our biggest fear is that Lumen will have to die. We don’t think the producers will do that to us (and poor Dex) two seasons in a row, but frankly, we’re not sure. We can’t even begin to predict how they’ll wrap up all these loose ends in the finale.

We hope Dexter’s wrong when he says, “Is this the only love I’ll ever find — that ends in blood?”

Other musings and highlights:

  • Deb has become incredibly astute and instinctive this season. We wonder if this will translate do figuring out her brother’s secret.
  • So suddenly Laguerta is a good guy again? Okayyyy.
  • What’s on Quinn’s computer: “A cat that hiccups and farts at the same time.”
  • Hey, Leslie Grossman! What have you been up to since “Popular”?
  • We were NOT happy when Dexter got tased. Liddy‘s death was such a relief for us, and we’re afraid of what that means about our humanity.
  • Okay, Liddy’s texting “yes to magician” was kind of funny. But that’s all.
  • Yeah, Emily. You knew that your Stockholm Syndrome thing with Jordan was going to end badly, right?
  • Jordan scares us so much, especially when he says lines like, “I find this profoundly distasteful. I never had to do anything before,” while wielding a poker.

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen