mf levitan DGA Award TV nominees include Ryan Murphy, Steve Levitan“Modern Family” E.P. Steve Levitan is amongst the just-announced Director’s Guild Award nominees for his the first episode of the series he directed himself — last season’s “Hawaii.” (Which basically means that he got a trip to Hawaii and a nom out of the deal. Not bad.)

Also nominated in the Comedy Series category are seven-time nominee Beth McCarthy Miller, for the live episode of “30 Rock,” Ryan Murphy for “Glee’s” Madonna episode, Michael Spiller for “Modern Family’s” Halloween-themed episode, and David Nutter for “Entourage’s” “Lose Yourself.”

Nutter also finds himself nominated in the TV Movie and Miniseries category with Jeremy Podeswa for “The Pacific’s” “Basilone.” (Podeswa is nominated on his own for the episode “Home,” too.) Also nominated: Mick Jackson for “Temple Grandin,” Barry Levinson for “You Don’t Know Jack,” and Tim Van Patten for “The Pacific’s” “Okinawa.”

In the Dramatic Series category, Jack Bender is nominated for the final two hours of “Lost.” Allen Coulter gets a nod for “Boardwalk Empire’s” “Paris Green,” Frank Darabont for “The Walking Dead’s” “Days Gone Bye,” Jennifer Getzinger for “Mad Men’s” “The Suitcase,” and, as the favorite, Martin Scorcese for “Boardwalk Empire.”

Find the rest of the TV nominations below, and Feature Film nominees at this link.

Don Roy King for “Saturday Night Live With Betty White”
Linda Mendoza for “Paul McCartney: The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize…”
John C. Moffitt for “Bill Maher ‘…But I’m Not Wrong'”
Chuck O’Neil for “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear”
Glenn Weiss for “64th Annual Tony Awards”

Hisham Abed for “The Hills,” Episode #601
Eytan Keller for “The Next Iron Chef,” Episode #301
Bryan O’Donnell for “Private Chefs of Beverly Hills: Challah Back”
Brian Smith for “Masterchef,” Episode #103

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie