Diane Sawyer has responded to the buzz that she was — well — “buzzed” during ABC News’ coverage of election night 2012.
Sawyer was uncharacteristically slow at the news desk, glancing around and above her as she spoke, and musing emotionally about such philosophical topics as just when the Obama camp decided adding an exclamation point to their campaign slogan “Forward” was the “right message for them.”
Sawyer’s speech was slurred throughout the night, and the Peabody award winning journalist often stumbled over her own words. 
Some highlights: 
“President Barack Orama — Obama — has won Minnesota.”
“We need our music.”
“She has run so hard, so long, with so … much … monaaay.”
“We are … we are, we, we’ve been … spending a lot of time … with these two candidates.”
“We remind everyone how many people around the world … die … literally die for the right to do what we have all done today.
“China is watching every move. How many people have they designated to watch everything happen in this country tonight?”
“As the states start to come in, we may be talking about President Obama get out the vote machine.”
Twitter feeds all over the country exploded with questions as to just what Sawyer might have taken before the broadcast. She tweeted the next morning, “Read your tweets the good, bad, and the funny. See you on @ABCWorldNews.”
Posted by:mchance