suge knight Did Suge Knight kill Tupac? No, but he did violate a traffic lawFourteen years after his murder, fans of Tupac Shakur are still hoping for answers about his untimely death. Many thought the truth had come out when hoax videos of producer Suge Knight being arrested hit the web.

Turns out, Knight wasn’t arrested for anything quite so exciting as murder. He was taken in on Dec. 4 for failing to appear in court for a traffic violation. According to CNN, he was picked up at Universal Citywalk in the Los Angeles area, booked, and issued a citation to appear before being released. He was in custody at the West Hollywood police station for about an hour, and was compliant with authorities.

A video was posted on YouTube which spliced together several unrelated news bulletins, leading viewers to believe Knight was arrested for the murder of Shakur. In the video, a reporter appears to be confirming the allegations, but in fact, the audio was edited by a prankster.

Shakur’s murder remains unsolved, and Knight remains a very intimidating traffic violator.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie