According to the latest rumors, Tom Cruise has gifted his daughter Suri with a $7 million jet for her birthday. The 7-year-old recently celebrated her big day and allegedly received a Cessna Citation jet from her dad so she could fly between him and her mother, Katie Holmes, whenever she wants.

If this story sounds a little ridiculous to you, that’s because it is. RumorFix reached out to Cruise’s representative, who shot down the birthday jet rumor. “Of course it’s not true,” the rep says.

Still, this wouldn’t be the first outrageous present Suri received from one of her parents. Holmes reportedly spent $49,000 on her daughter for Christmas, including a $24,000 Grand Victorian Luxury Playhouse. It’s a big leap from $49,000 in presents to a $7 million present, but when you have as much money as Cruise and Holmes do, we wouldn’t put this level of splurging on their daughter past them.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz