Joe-Manganiello-True-Blood.jpgForget Team Jacob. “True Blood” werewolf fans are all Team Alcide. Might have something to do with Joe Manganiello‘s abs. Or those eyes. Or … ahem. According to TVLine, we may soon get to see Alcide’s dad in Season 5!

It’s being reported that the powers that be on the show are looking for a character named J.D., “a hard-bodied
fiftysomething who isn’t likely to share a water bowl with the new pack
leader anytime soon.” Alcide’s doggie daddy featured heavily in Charlaine Harris’ fifth Sookie novel, so it’s pretty likely we’ll see him in the show.

In addition to the character news we already knew about Eric’s sister Nora and Salome, they’re reporting that we’re going to get to see Marcus’ mother Annie (who probably won’t be too happy about what happened to her son), a hot young wolf named Rikki who is investigating his killing, Holly’s teenage sons, Rocky and Wade, a corrupt judge, a grouchy vampire named Cat and a few obstacles thrown in the way of the Jess/Jason love story.

We’re dying (couldn’t resist) to hear your thoughts on which characters you want to see in Season 5. And feel free to vent about the fairies. We totally understand.

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