dig gideon raff usa 'Dig' EP Gideon Raff: 'Movie magic' will make up for lack of Jerusalem

Though the pilot for USA’s upcoming fall miniseries “Dig” was shot entirely in Israel, the show had to move production out of the country due to the ongoing conflict with Hamas. They’ve settled on using New Mexico for interiors, while exterior filming will take place in Croatia.
The big question surrounding the move is how producers will be able to accurately capture the feel of Jerusalem without actually shooting there. “We’re going to also have to rely on a little movie magic,” executive producer Gideon Raff tells Zap2it and other outlets during a group interview at San Diego Comic-Con. Tim Kring, also an executive producer, explains, “It’s unbelievable what you can do now. We’re now in a world where that’s possible with set extensions and CG.” 
Furthermore, the entire show isn’t set in Jerusalem. “There are elements of the pilot which take place in the United States that we shot in Israel,” Kring says. “It’s going to be easier when we go to New Mexico, because we have scenes set in the American southwest.”
What’s most important is they won’t allow the change to negatively impact “Dig.” “We promised we’re not going to compromise the show,” Raff says. “We’re not changing the story.”
“Dig” premieres in the fall on USA.
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