dina manzo caroline manzo theresa Dina Manzo opens up about 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' feudDina Manzo left “Real Housewives of New Jersey” over a year ago, but despite her exit, she remains a hot topic on the show — it’s only natural, given the fact that her sister- and sister-in-law are all still involved in the series.

After a series of conflicting stories emerged regarding her relationship with older sister and “Housewives” star Caroline Manzo falling apart due to a conflict with Teresa Giudice, Manzo took to her blog (for free, as she’d like you to know) to address rumors.

She stresses that she wasn’t willing to exile Teresa from their circle over what she felt was a harmless joke in a book. “That’s not enough for me to hate the mother of my God daughter and a friend of 15 years. Was it necessary to write that stuff in her book? probably not but I don’t think it was written with malice either. We are all guilty of joking a little too much now & then…’Teresa jokes’ were all over this season, everyone of them took their turn on talkin smack.”

As for Caroline, Manzo says, “Yes, It’s true I decided to distance myself from ALL the housewives once I left season 2. I really wanted to walk away from all of the toxic behavior, I was not
into ganging up on anyone and I was no longer obligated to talk about
Danielle so the best thing for me to do was stay away.”

She says that she and Caroline had a falling out off-screen.

“Feelings did get hurt…I won’t get into them because I have no desire to
rehash the past that can only hurt my parents whom I adore. I would
rather stay away from it than fight, that’s what works for me and guess
what? that’s ok,” she writes. “You are allowed to avoid the negative, do what you have
to do to keep your spirits up and your soul in tact. I also will not
try to talk America into taking my side as some others may feel they
have to in certain situations. There is no side here, this is a private
matter there are 3 sides to every story remember…it depends on who you
ask. It’s a shame this TV show used to be about our lives and now some
lives are just about a TV show.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie