disney infinity starter pack 'Disney Infinity' video game platform unveiled at pre E3 showcase   'Lone Ranger', 'Monsters University' and more collide

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) may not officially kick off until Tuesday (June 11), but Disney got a head start Sunday night when they showed off their next gaming innovation, “Infinity.” It allows users to play within their favorite Disney or Pixar worlds and even combine them all into a whole new game.
“Disney Infinity” mixes toys with video games, creating what the company hopes will be a new way for younger gamers to play. Rather than just a game, “Infinity” is a platform that allows for multiple full games to be played within it.
When purchasing the game disc, you also buy a starter pack. It includes a base unit, as well as toy figurines of Captain Jack Sparrow, Sully from “Monsters University” and Mr. Incredible. The figurines have their individual games built into them. When placed on the base unit, the player can begin the game.
disney infinity starter pack figurines 'Disney Infinity' video game platform unveiled at pre E3 showcase   'Lone Ranger', 'Monsters University' and more collide
Additional characters will be sold in packs, as well as individually. That includes characters from “The Lone Ranger,” “Cars” and more. There’s also additional characters from the three movies contained in the starter pack.
Playing within the individual games is only part of the experience. There’s also the “toy box” mode, which allows you to create your own world with any pieces of the games you’ve played. “Toy box” mode is where the game shines, giving players the possibility to do just about anything.
disney infinity toy box 'Disney Infinity' video game platform unveiled at pre E3 showcase   'Lone Ranger', 'Monsters University' and more collide
It’s in that portion of “Infinity” that you can cross worlds, having characters from “The Lone Ranger” working with any number of Pixar creations. The player also builds the world themselves. Want a Disney castle with it’s own pirate shift, next to a race track? Thanks to the creation suite in the game, it’s fairly simple.
Disney will also be selling random two-packs of textures, weapons and vehicles which will enrich the created worlds. Consumers won’t know what they get in their two-packs until they open them up. Disney hopes this will encourage trading with friends, like a modern day baseball card. The two-packs will retail for roughly five dollars.
The game supports up to four-person multiplayer and the ability to share your created content with friends. Additionally, Disney will allow content to be uploaded for others to find. That will be monitored and curated by Disney, to keep it safe for the family.
As “Disney Infinity” isn’t a game, but a platform for games, the company can continue to expand it further and further through new figurines and power discs as long as they choose. While “Cars,” “Monsters University,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “The Incredibles” and “The Lone Ranger” were shown off, designers say there is more in the works they just can’t talk about yet. Furthermore, more content will be unlockable within the game from the start as the player progresses. “Disney Infinity” is currently scheduled to hit stores for Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PCs on August 18.
Take a look at the video below for a small taste of what you can do when creating your own world in the Disney universe and stay tuned to Zap2it all week as we are reporting from the convention floor at E3.

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