disney layoffs burbank studio Disney layoffs underway: Even 'Star Wars' isn't safe

An unknown number of layoffs are looming at the Mouse House as the Walt Disney Co. looks to reduce their spending. Reuters reports job cuts are coming in the next two weeks, with a bullseye on the backs of the home video and marketing branches. The studio’s animation wing will also see cuts. 
The impending layoffs come on the heels of the surprise announcement Disney will shutter video game developer and publisher LucasArts, which the studio acquired in its purchase of Lucasfilm and the “Star Wars” franchise in late 2012. Disney says the move, which requires a separate round of layoffs, allows them to license the “Stars Wars” brand externally, while minimizing internal development.
In the past year, Burbank-based Disney has cut more than 300 jobs. Two-hundred of those were at Disney Interactive, the video game arm that now hopes to partner with Lucasfilm on “Star Wars” titles. At the time of the cuts, Disney said it was moving toward online and mobile entertainment and away from console-based video games.
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