britt robertson tomorrowland cast disney gi Disney reveals 'Tomorrowland' plot, casts Britt Robertson

The plot of Disney’s “Tomorrowland,” originally named “1952” and starring George Clooney, has been kept under wraps … until now. Along with the casting of Britt Robertson in a lead role, the studio has revealed a major plotline.
“In the film, a high school girl with an unconventional understanding of technology is launched on a journey to reclaim her future,” reads a release from Walt Disney Studios.
Produced and written by Damon Lindelof (“Star Trek,” “Prometheus”) and Brad Bird (“The Incredibles,” “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”), “Tomorrowland” has been long rumored to be a sci-fi film in the vein of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”  
Some reports claim a “found” synopsis indicate an elaborate plot which teams Clooney’s character with remarkable young ladies to face an alternate reality — Tomorrowland — and save the earth. Whether the plot points are on target or not remains to be seen, but Disney’s latest statement is not too far off the mark.
Robertson currently stars in CBS’ “Under the Dome” and can be seen in Disney’s “Delivery Man,” starring Vince Vaughn and Chris Pratt, in November. 
“House M.D.” star Hugh Laurie is also slated to star in “Tomorrowland,” along with “Mr. Selfridge” star Raffey Cassidy and “The Protector’s” Thomas Robinson
As previously announced, “Tomorrowland” will hit theaters Dec. 12, 2014.
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