doctor who wishlist 'Doctor Who'   'The Day of the Doctor': 5 things Whovians would love to see

“The Day of the Doctor” is less than 24 hours away and “Doctor Who” fans couldn’t be more over the moon. Finally, David Tennant is returning. Finally, two of the most celebrated Doctors will share the screen. Finally, the waiting has come to an end.
There are lots of surprises promised for the special. Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) is back, John Hurt is playing a Doctor Whovians have never seen before, they’re going to show the Time War on Gallifrey.
What about the things they haven’t confirmed, though? Obviously there’s that spoiler looming out there about a certain return. What else could be in store for the 50th anniversary episode, though?
The resident Whovians at Zapit have some ideas and have thrown them together into a wishlist. Take a look and let us know what special surprise you’d like to see in “The Day of the Doctor.”
doctor who wishlist mickey smith 'Doctor Who'   'The Day of the Doctor': 5 things Whovians would love to see
With Tennant and Billie Piper both returning, why not complete the trio with Rose’s former boyfriend, Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke). Think about it, how amazing would be be to see Mickey the idiot one more time? 

Granted, Mickey is now married to another former companion, Martha (Freema Agyeman). That just makes it easier to bring in one more of Tennant’s old buddies. Plus the look on Rose’s face when she sees what became of her ex? Mickey’s not an idiot anymore, now he’s Mickey the hero, hunting aliens with his lady.

If not Mickey, at least throw his parallel universe doppelganger Ricky in there.

Chris E. Hayner

doctor who wishlist captain jack 'Doctor Who'   'The Day of the Doctor': 5 things Whovians would love to see
Stephen Moffat has all but said Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) will be back in the “Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special,” but it’s worth at least mentioning that to leave him out would be a glaring omission. When a fan commented about Jack’s supposed absence at San Diego Comic-Con, Moffat’s response was a twisted, “How do you know what is and is not in the anniversary? I’ve been lying my arse off for months — you know nothing!” 

So with that being said, our fingers are tightly crossed that Cap’n Jack will be back in for the 50th anniversary with all his trench coat-wearing, boy-and girl-loving swagger. Sure, he’s been absent from Matt Smith’s arc as the Doctor, but with Rose and the 10th Doctor both back, it only seems fair that he is as well. Plus, a special looking back the back at the show’s history would be remiss not to at least mention the Face of Boe.

Terri Schwartz

doctor who wishlist ninth 'Doctor Who'   'The Day of the Doctor': 5 things Whovians would love to see
With all of the multiple doctors running around in “The Day of the Doctor,” there is one that is unfortunately absent, and we know (from reports and hearsay) that he won’t be in the movie: Christopher Eccleston, the 9th Doctor. Eccleston famously ended his run as The Doctor after an incredibly brief tenure – only 13 episodes – because he was afraid of being typecast. But that doesn’t make us miss him any less. His portrayal of The Doctor was edgy and weird and very much as a grown-up. He wasn’t dreamboaty; he was stable and wise and quietly pained. 

Eccleston wasn’t known for comedy (and still isn’t, hello, Malekith the “Thor 2” bad guy,) and sometimes, his broad smile would feel a little forced and uncomfortable, but we chalk that up to him just trying to figure out how to be more “human.” He was The Doctor most of the current breed of Whovians cut their teeth on (this author included,) and many still believe him to be the best and most perfect incarnation of the last Time Lord. Of course, Tennant’s fast paced lunatic 10th Doctor did come to grow on us (and Rose, of course) Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor was, in a word, “fantastic.”

Kiley Thompson

doctor who wishlist river song 'Doctor Who'   'The Day of the Doctor': 5 things Whovians would love to see
Above any other character to have graced the screen during these 50 glorious years of “Doctor Who,” there’s only one who simply must be a part of the Eleventh Doctor’s penultimate episode: River Song. 

As fans prepare to say goodbye to Smith, who will hand over the TARDIS’ keys to Peter Capaldi in the upcoming Christmas special, it’s imperative that his time-traveling, tragic wife (played to perfection by Alex Kingston) return for “The Day of The Doctor” to begin her goodbye to her husband as she currently knows him.

While the special certainly ought to celebrate the history of the show, it also holds the extra burden of beginning Smith’s swan song. With an appearance from Eleven’s former companions, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), seemingly out of the cards (although how great a surprise would that be?!), their grown daughter deserves some final screen time. If River doesn’t appear, Steven Moffat’s going to have some explaining to do.

doctor who wishlist k 9 'Doctor Who'   'The Day of the Doctor': 5 things Whovians would love to see
Of course it’s got to be K-9. It’s been way too long since the Doctor has been joined by his faithful robotic companion. K-9 is a symbol from a “Doctor Who” era that has long passed. He was introduced via the fourth Doctor and made appearances for years to come. He even got some of his own shows (“K-9 and Company”). 

Fans of the new incarnation of “Doctor Who” know K-9 through his appearances during Tennant’s run, especially “School Reunion,” which saw former companion Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) return to the series as well. Seeing any of the Doctors cross paths with K-9 in “The Day of the Doctor” would be a nice moment for old school Whovians and a wonderful little tribute to the best of the old school “Who” companions, Sarah Jane.

Chris E. Hayner

“The Day of the Doctor” airs November 23 on BBC America.
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