doctor who the time of the doctor 'Doctor Who' Christmas special spoilers: 'The Time of the Doctor' is going to be intense

Warning: The following contains possible big time spoilers from the “Doctor Who” Christmas special. If you don’t want key moments and plot points spoiled, stop reading now.
If you thought “The Day of the Doctor” was intense, the “Doctor Who” Christmas special might blow your mind. The Sun has revealed what they claim are spoilers for “The Time of the Doctor” and they paint a very bleak picture of the 11th Doctor’s (Matt Smith) final episode.
According to The Sun (via MTV), 11 will be seen growing old in the episode, and even lose his leg during a battle with the Weeping Angels. It seems the episode’s plot will see him fighting a 300-year long war against the Angels, Daleks, Santorans and Cybermen, all while trying to save a city on the planet Trenzalore called, of course, Christmas Town.
Clara (Jenna Coleman) will be there as well, but mostly sticks to the TARDIS so she doesn’t age like 11 does. Instead, he calls on her when needed. A source notes that the Christmas special has an uphill battle ahead of it, following “The Day of the Doctor,” “but we think this has cracked it.”
What’s missing is any mention of the Silence, who were seen in the teaser promo for the episode, so don’t get too over excited about any of these “spoilers.” Their validity will be found out on December 25, when “The Time of the Doctor” airs on BBC America.
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