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It’s the last day of Comic-Con, and the sound of sonic screwdrivers can be heard throughout Hall H. It can only mean one thing. It’s “Doctor Who” panel day, my fellow anglophiles.

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and writer Toby Whithouse are all on hand with Wired editor Adam Rogers — and since the wifi seems to be cooperating, I’m liveblogging every geeky moment. Geronimo!

12:33 p.m. – Let’s kick things off with a creepy montage of the last few episodes, with all of their baby-stealing, maternal revelations and creepy child-astronauts.

12:37 – Epic introductions, including a theme-music-filled entrance for Matt Smith, who’s probably the coolest person here this week (Nathan Fillion, aside).

12:40 – British people pronounce “H” so damn cute.

12:41 – Alex Kingston knew that River Song was Rory and Amy’s baby — and she kept the secret for a long time.

12:44 – “You guys here really commit to the show,” says Smith, “but it’s kind of wonderful to be part of a legacy.”

12:45 – “FILM IN LOS ANGELES,” screams a fan. The cast seems not entirely down for it. (Hey, it’s better than Utah.)

12:47 – Exclusive trailer for the next Toby Whithouse ep, “The God Complex,” is super-stylistic, scary and complete with a shot of that creepy hotel bed clown we’ve seen in previous promos. #DontTalkToTheClown

12:50 – The secret is keeping villains and monsters from ever being really evil. It’s about finding their motivation. “Who is essentially a detective story every week,” says Whithouse.

12:51 – “Who” returns to BBC America on August 27.

12:53 – Another clip ALREADY? It’s pretty epic. And we should have it shortly.

12:55 – Awkward…. a kid brought a homemade Dalek, and held a sign asking for Matt to sign it. One of the CC staffers swiped it and he made a really sad/creepy face. Uncomfortable pause ensues… Prince that he is, Matt says he’ll sign it later.

12:58 – Awkward to the infinite power! A Russian fan asks the cast what they’re scared of and incoherently mentions John Barrowman. Karen is just scared of Matt’s pranks.

1:00 p.m. – And we have another question from someone in a Dalek suit — great accent, by the way. He asks about the Doctor’s daughter… Matt says the door is always open. And Karen gets sassed for not remembering that her character survived.

1:02 – “The Tardis just never gets boring” – Matt

1:04 – Matt and Karen’s favorite alien race? Karen: The Sisters of Plenitude (aka Cat Nurses!) Matt: The Weeping Angels.

1:05 – Everyone says they’re favorite non-Matt Doctor ever… and I’m pretty sure everyone on this panel has been asked this same question 87,003 times.

1:07 – Someone in the crowd says the show is “the home of genre and the tribe of geek.” Um… It’s day 4 of Comic-Con. Who is capable of saying something so coherent and flowery with an obvious hangover.

1:10 – Little girl, dressed as a Weeping Angel, asks if it’s ever possible for the Doctor to regenerate as a woman. “It’s possible,” says producer Beth Willis, “when the Doctor regenerates it’s always a thought.”

1:11 – River Song may actually have stolen the thunder of a future female Doctor. Agreed!

1:12 – Matt: “Amy Pond is way cooler than Karen.” Karen: “No, it’s true.”

1:13 – Can we get a hell yes for Matt Smith being the only Doctor to ever get a BAFTA nod? Hell yes!

1:14 – I just want everyone on this panel to hug. The producers’ confidence in their casting of Matt and Karen brings tears to my bloodshot eyes.

1:19 – Tiniest little boy asks about the origins of the Tardis noise. And since no one on this panel was alive when it first aired… none of them have an answer. But good question, kid.

1:21 – Rory is “the Kenny of the show.” And though they keep killing him, he keeps coming back and he learns a lot every time. (Also: He couldn’t be here today because of a filming obligation.)

1:23 – As Alex had a secret on set for a while, now Karen does. Creator Steven Moffat has told her something that no one else knows…

1:24 – Matt really loves “True Blood.” It’s his favorite show, and he wants a crossover episode with “Who.” He’s also down for a cameo on “Big Bang Theory.”

1:25 – Karen’s crossover dream? “Star Trek TGN.” What a glorious nerd she is.

1:26 – In regards to River’s sonic screwdriver, Matt calls it a useless wand. It’s a one-man tool.

1:29 – As far as dream episode-writers, Matt just called J.J. Abrams “J.J. Abrahams.” Loves it. Producers want to bring Russell T Davies back for an episode.

1:30 – A big woo-hoo for exiting producers Beth Willis and Piers Wenger. Thanks guys!

1:30 – Clip encore! And it’s just as chilling the second time around. And now you can watch it embedded below…

That’s all from the “Who” panel, folks! Starting counting down the days until August 27, be sure to check out the first part of Zap2it’s interview with Karen Gillen and stay tuned for our video with Matt Smith, coming shortly.

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