peter capaldi matt smith jealous doctor who bbc 'Doctor Who': Matt Smith is jealous of Peter Capaldi's Season 8 adventures

Here’s yet another reasons for “Doctor Who” fans to be jealous of Matt Smith, outside of the obvious fact that he’s a former Doctor. He knows  what’s going to happen in Season 8.
“I rang Steven Moffat up the other day and found out everything about the new series,” he told an audience while appearing at Canada’s Calgary Expo (via Radio Times). “It sounds really good.” That’s the world you live in as a former Doctor, you can just call up Moffat and h’ll actually hand over spoilers.
Of course, Smith won’t actually divulge anything that’s to come. However, he does add, “I was really jealous, actually.” That sure makes it sound like there will be some fantastic adventures for the new Doctor. They will be more than welcome, as long as Capaldi isn’t better at the job than Smith.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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