matt smith doctor who comic con panel 1 'Doctor Who': Matt Smith tells Comic Con about 'Let's Kill Hitler' and River Song payoffThe real “Doctor Who” fun doesn’t start at Comic-Con until Sunday (July 24), when stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan join writer (and “Being Human” creator) Toby Whithouse and executive producers Piers Wenger and Beth Willis for a panel in Hall H.

But that didn’t stop Smith from making an early appearance at the TV Guide Fan Favorite panel, where he slipped a few teases about the upcoming second half of Season 6 and indulged in a little time travel fantasizing.

When asked about his favorite episode in his two-year tenure as the Doctor, he confessed that it’s still to come. “The next episode… ‘Let’s Kill Hitler,'” says Smith. “[Creator] Steven [Moffat] is in fine form, and there’s a great monster, which is important.”

As for the mid-season finale, which finally revealed the identity of River Song (Alex Kingston), Smith thought the Doctor would have caught on sooner. “I find out quite sort of late, he says, “but I thought it was good payoff… Going into the next part of the season, there’s some real good River stuff and some real good River/Doctor stuff.”

Looking back on his experience on the show so far, which will now take him into at least 2013, Smith says seeing all the fans at Comic-Con is just another reminder of how surreal tackling the role has been for him has been. “It was bizarre really, because, obviously no one had a clue who i was,” he says. “It was daunting, but good pressure.”

Smith, who announced that Doctor #2 Patrick Troughton is his all-time favorite, finished by telling guests where he’d go if he had a real Tardis.

“I’d go to Atlantis and see if that’s just… going down,” he says, “And I would go and visit the dinosaurs but I would pick up Frank Sinatra along the way.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell