doctor who adventure time mural mashup facebook 'Doctor Who' meets 'Adventure Time' in an amazing mural

If you’re a parent trying to impress your child, it’s time to step it up. One dad has taken things to the next level for his nine-year-old daughter.
James Hance, an artist who specializes in awesomely-nerdy work, shared a mural he painted for his daughter, Maddy, which combines the worlds of “Doctor Who” and “Adventure Time.” “Adventure Timey-Wimey,” he calls it. The work definitely ranks up there with the best “Doctor Who” crossovers.
He says the idea came from Maddy and that she “had all the characters mapped out.” The end result is an epic mash-up. Luckily for the world, Hance got the okay from his daughter to turn the design into prints and shirts. You can look into buying those, along with some of his other work (there’s a great “Firefly” character portrait series) on his website.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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