If you’ve ever wondered what would happen should “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock” cross paths somewhere on the BBC, chances are it would be something like this. “Wholock” is an expertly-crafted fan mashup of the two popular shows, with the Doctor (Matt Smith) and the detective (Benedict Cumberbatch) meeting in the TARDIS.
The internet is filled with fan-made creations and Whovians are a talented group of people. With that in mind, here are five of Zap2it’s favorite mashups featuring the Doctor.

“Harry Potter” vs. the Daleks

Harry Potter can fight just about any battle, but Daleks might be out of his league. One YouTube user took a scene from “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and replaced Death Eaters with Daleks, which is just mean. Harry and his friends are attacked while camping but it’s the Doctor who has to save the day, armed with a sonic screwdriver.

“Star Trek” meets “Doctor Who”

What if there was a “Star Trek” sequel set in the “Doctor Who” universe? That’s the question posed by this fun trailer, which finds Captain Kirk and his crew teaming with the Doctor and Clara. The video quality isn’t the best at some points, but who wouldn’t watch “Star Trek: Time and Space?”

“Don’t Blink”

Only “Doctor Who” could make sense of “Lost.” What would happen if it were the Weeping Angels terrorizing the inhabitants of the island? Mixing “Lost” clips with a few key moments of the iconic “Blink” episode of “Doctor Who” has given new meaning to the smoke monster.

“Blink to the Future”

Some fans go beyond editing together video clips, instead creating entirely new works. One Whovian made an original piece of animation, mashing together “Doctor Who” and “Back to the Future,” which is pretty much the greatest idea anyone has ever had. The Doctor is Doc Brown and his dog Einstein is both K-9 and a hoverboard. Plus, that TARDIS-themed DeLorean is too cool for words. It looks as good as any Saturday morning cartoon that’s ever aired.


Where do you even begin with this? It’s a “Doctor Who”/”Halo” stop-motion animation crossover, using Legos. There’s no appearance by the Doctor, but there are more than enough Daleks wreaking havoc on the Covenant and UNSC soldiers. Still, the fact that someone took the time to make this is pretty impressive.
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