doctor who 'Doctor Who' recap: The Doctor's Farewell Reunion TourThe Doctor’s saying his goodbyes as he expects to die the following day in Utah. Luckily this means once again seeing Craig, his adorable roommate from last season’s “The Lodger.” By now, Craig and his girlfriend Sophie have had a baby boy. Craig is utterly baffled by all things baby, but doing his best to hold it together when Sophie leaves them for a weekend with friends. When the Doctor arrives, hijinks soon ensue. (The Doctor, who speaks the language of larval humans, says the tyke’s preferred name is “Stormageddon,” for example.) The Doctor’s plan is to simply stop in for a quick hello-and-goodbye, but he can’t help but notice something is a little weird. People have been disappearing from a local department store, the place is troubled by random power fluctuations and a metallic, ratlike “Cybermat” is on the loose.

Despite his best efforts to ignore the problem, he gets himself a job at the store and gets down to investigating. It turns out that a Cyberman ship crashed to Earth long ago and lay dead and buried until the store was built. The Cybermat began siphoning power for the Cybermen, who then abducted humans to turn into their own kind. When Craig and baby join him in the hunt, people assume they’re gay dads, what with words like “partner” and “companion” being tossed about. Plus, they’re just cute together. When the Cybermen capture Craig, it’s the sound of his baby crying that allows him to not only fight them off but destroy them with an emotional feedback loop. Or something.

Craig becomes a more confident dad and the Doctor is off to America for his date with death. The last thing in the episode is Madame Kovarian tracking down River Song on the day she gets her doctorate. River is forced into that 1960s astronaut suit and dropped to the bottom of Lake Silencio. Dun, dun, DUN! Stay tuned for the full weecap.

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