There’s a new Doctor arriving to “Doctor Who” in more ways than one. A new trailer for Season 8 shows that, in addition to Peter Capaldi giving the Doctor a new face, he’s also giving the character a new personality.

With every new incarnation of the Doctor comes a new persona, but Capaldi’s Doctor seems to be pretty dark. He asks Clara (Jenna Coleman) if he’s a good man, and she seems to honestly not be sure. She also admits that she’s not sure if she knows who he is anymore. 
It’s worth noting that Rose (Billie Piper) is the only Companion since the “Doctor Who” relaunch who’s had to deal with a Doctor regenerating during her time as his second-in-command. Then the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) was noticeably lighter than Nine (Christopher Eccleston). It’s exciting to see how Coleman’s Clara will deal with that transition.
Fortunately Capaldi’s Doctor also seems to be making good on the promise at the end of the 50th anniversary special as he promises to right “mistakes” he’s made in the past — likely something to do with learning the Time Lords and Gallifrey can still be saved.

In addition to teasing the new Doctor, the one-minute-long trailer also shows everything from Daleks to dinosaurs running through London. What are you most looking forward to when “the new Doctor lands” on Aug. 23?
Posted by:Terri Schwartz