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Update: Scottish actor Peter Capaldi has been announced as the new Doctor.
The speculation about who will replace Matt Smith, becoming the 12th Doctor in Series 8 of “Doctor Who” is almost at it’s end. The BBC is set to make a live announcement Sunday (August 4).
The moment it was announced Matt Smith would be departing the show, fans lit up the internet with ideas an rumors about who would fill his spot. Many wondered if the new Doctor would be black, with “Luther’s” Idris Elba having his name passed around quite a bit.
Others have thought maybe it was time for a female Doctor, with Billie Piper a favorite. She, of course, played the first companion, Rose Tyler, when the series relaunched, starring with Christopher Eccleston (Nine) and David Tennant (Ten). She’s also returning with Tennant for “Doctor Who’s” 50th anniversary special.
However, If a tweet from celebrity photographer Rankin is any indication, the new Doctor isn’t a woman. “Just photographed the next Dr Who for tonight’s announcement,” he writes, “Let me know what you think of the photo? He’s going to be an ace Dr.”
The favorite to take the coveted role among bookies, because people are actually gambling on the announcement, is “The Thick of It” star Peter Capaldi. According to Metro, Capaldi has become a 5/6 favorite for the role as betting ends ahead of the announcement. Joe Crilly, spokesman for online gambling house William Hill, says, “As far as we and our punters are concerned, Peter Capaldi has almost certainly bagged himself the ‘Doctor Who’ gig.”
Others with decent odds include “Skyfall” actor Rory Kinnear, recurring “House of Cards” star Ben Daniels and Daniel Rigby, who had a small role in James Franco’s “Flyboys.”
Then there’s American actor Misha Collins. He seemed to inject himself into the new Doctor discussion, with a simple tweet. “I’ll have a very exciting announcement tomorrow. Hint: it has something to do with the UK and phone booths,” he tweeted. Turns out his real surprise was leaving candy in front of a phone booth. It’s highly unlikely there would be an American Doctor, anyway.
Whoever the new Doctor is, his time is close at hand. “Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor” airs on BBC America at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT, Sunday.
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