An unidentified dog found a puppy lying in a ditch and buried the small body in the sand. The video taken of this event is both heartwarming and heartbreaking — it’s the kind of thing almost guaranteed to make you cry.

The exact location of this video isn’t known, although the captions on YouTube suggest that the event took place somewhere in Iraq on or before June 12. Although some onlookers are seen at the end of the clip, most of the video focuses on a black and white dog as it performs a sad task.

Finding the puppy — which may or may not be related to the older dog — lying dead and alone in the sand, the dog immediately begins to cover the body. It only leaves when the puppy is below the ground.

Some comments on the video have suggested that this shows only a dog burying the puppy to save for later, much as a stereotypical dog would hide a bone. Others, however, point out that the dog didn’t mark the spot in any way and would therefore not be able to return. In that case, even a lack of actual mourning  wouldn’t prevent this from being a caring act of some sort.

Posted by:Laurel Brown