dog randy quaid Dog the Bounty Hunter is after Randy Quaid

Randy Quaid battled aliens in “Independence Day.” But now, he faces his greatest opponent: Dog the Bounty Hunter.

The idiosyncratic pairing that is Randy and Evi Quaid fled the United States earlier this year to escape felony vandalism charges stemming from damages to a rental home as well as defrauding an innkeeper. But how do you catch a bizarre criminal? You employ a bizarre bounty hunter.

According to Dog’s wife, Beth, the reality star is on the case. Beth took to her website to promise that “we’re gonna get ya no matter where you go and no matter what it takes.” Dog and Beth, stars of A&E’s “Dog the Bounty Hunter” are venturing into the Great White North (that’s Canada) to find the Quaids; Beth went on to threaten “as my husband…was crossing the border into Canada today, it crossed my mind how scared you must be!”

And finally, in true superhero fashion, Beth rattled off a suitably crazy battle cry: “You can run but you can’t hide from the long arm of the Dog.”

Our knowledge of bounty hunting is limited at best, but we question how wise it is to openly announce to your mark when and where you will be looking for him. But then again, he’s is the Dog. The big bad Dog.

Posted by:janderson